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Night-time Routine to Reduce Dark Under-eye Circles

Night-time Routine to Reduce Dark Under-eye Circles

Puffiness, swelling and dark under eye bags are problems many men and women would love to eradicate hopefully with the least number of eye solution products. There are a number of key ingredients required to solve this problem without causing additional irritation or damage to the affected area. Natural ingredients have so far proven to offer the better option in terms of safety and reliability. In order to combat dark under eye circles, your best bet would be to rely on home remedies which don’t come with ugly side effects. The following are remedial routine techniques that will help to eliminate dark under eye bags:

Get enough sleep. This means you get to bed early and have a night sleep rest of eight hours. Going to bed late in the night repeatedly can only help to worsen the situation. Foods that contain harmful chemicals are recipes for allergies. This includes prescribed medication that might contain traces of allergens. Avoid them if you can.

The tissue below the eye is extremely thin and any slight dehydration will make it look taut. If this happens, you will notice that the skin around the eye becomes darkish or pale blue in color. In order to prevent this from happening, you should increase your intake of water on daily basis. This would help to hydrate your body keeping your skin smooth and supple.

To prevent conditions that lead to puffy eyes, your diet must include plenty of fruits, dairy products, green veggies and regular exercises. There are things to avoid though; salt and excess sugar intake being the main culprits. Another innovative do-it-yourself method is to place peels of cucumber and potato over the under eye regions for 15 minutes. If done routinely every day before going to bed, it will reduce puffiness considerably.

Natural remedies offer unlimited ways to solving under eye bags problems. Cooling mint leaves is another excellent ingredient that works effectively. Once it is crushed and applied on the affected area around under the eye, puffiness is reduced significantly. Another approach is to mix tomato and lemon juice in equal proportions. Then the mix is applied to the area around the eye and left for 10 minutes or there about. When it’s time to remove it, wash it off using cold water. You can repeat this twice or three times in a day. It reduces stubborn eye bags tremendously.

The following tips are equally effective in solving under eye bags:

  • You can create a nice under eye mask by mixing a little amount of fresh milk with almond powder. Apply the mixture around or below the eyes. Leave it untouched overnight. Use cold water to wash it off the following morning. Apply almond oil and gently massage the area under or around the eyes to improve blood circulation. Perform this task and in a couple of weeks, eye bags will have disappeared.
  • Tea water is another remedy that’s equally effective and safe to implement. After boiling the tea, you strain the liquid and then give it time to cool before putting them in ice trays. Place the tea ice cubes on a clean cotton wool and put it over the eye bags and around the eyes. It works perfectly well.
  • When a breakdown occurs in the skin structure around the under eyes area, the eyes appear aged. It is imperative that you keep moisturizing and toning your skin to make it firm as it should be.

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