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Defeating Dark Circles with Super Foods

Defeating Dark Circles with Super Foods

Most people during their lifetime face the issue of dark blemishes surrounding the eye, popularly known as dark circles. In medical terms, it is called as periorbital dark circles and both the gender gets equally affected by it. There can be many reasons behind the condition, like aging wherein skin loses its elasticity due to loss of collagens, stress, and fatigue. The dark circles take away the natural beauty of the face as it gives an impression of a tired and unhealthy face. In case of some people, fluid imbalance in the body shows in the form of puffy eyes, making the complexion under the eye appear darker. Lack of sleep triggers it profusely, and if insomnia continues for long it becomes worse.

Common Factors

Although dark circles are considered to be a hereditary condition as the skin texture is an inherited thing that is passed on for generations. Many dietary and medical factors can infuriate the condition. Allergy to certain foods can also trigger the situation. Similarly, people suffering from anemia, which is a lack of blood in the body due to poor diet also leads to dark circles. Sometimes, certain medicines cause the dilation of blood vessels resulting in dark blemishes around the eye. Liver problems and hyperpigmentation can also result to the darkness surrounding the eyes.

Dietary Changes

There is no doubting the fact that dark circles are often result of poor diet, smoking and alcohol consumption only aggravates the condition. This concludes with the fact that what is needed to prevent dark circles. Doctors suggest that the daily diet must have sufficient amount of Vitamin A, B, C, K and E, in order to prevent dark circles. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A include leafy green veggies, mangoes, dried apricots these are considered as super foods which make the skin healthy.

The Iron Inclusion

Low levels of hemoglobin often result in dark circles. This is the reason that it is suggested that foods like eggs, meat products, spinach and bell pepper should be consumed to maintain blood levels. Iron, Folic acid and Vitamin B help in maintaining the flow of blood and oxygen in the body, leading to skin regeneration and strong nails and hair. Vitamin K also holds a distinctive place in skin cell rejuvenation and keeping the skin moisturized, so sufficient quantities of asparagus, broccoli and parsley should be added to the main dishes of the home.

Curing Dark Circles

Dark circles are conditions that can be handled well with the help of home remedies also. Applying sunscreen before stepping out in the sun can lead to prevention. Similarly, consumption of two eggs daily can fulfill the demands of vitamins and minerals and aid in the repair mechanism of cells. The sesame seeds, which are high in zinc act as an anti-oxidant and repair the damaged skin beneath the eyes. Removing junk foods and regularizing on the caffeine intake can also work wonders for dark circles. Carrots, which are rich in beta-carotene, Vitamin A and C are considered to be one of the healthiest foods for skin, hair and eyes alike. Daily inclusion in the diet can help in maintaining the skin youthful and flawless.

Concealing Dark Circles With Makeup

Concealing Dark Circles With Makeup

No woman wants dark circles under her eyes. Besides soothing them with cut cucumbers and applying expensive firming gels, there are plenty of makeup tips to help. In order to conceal dark circles with makeup, it takes more than slathering on some pale foundation. Read on to learn the best steps to have a flawless under eye area every time.

Prepping the Eye Area for Makeup

After washing and drying your face, use your favorite moisturizing cream or under eye lotion to prepare this delicate skin for makeup application. This is an important step that should not be missed because the overall health of the skin under your eyes will help it stay smooth and lessen the chances of its appearing darker than the area surrounding it.

Correcting the Under Eye Circles

The main goal of applying concealer is to counteract the dark shade under your eyes. This makeup product should not necessarily be the same color as your skin. The circles under your eyes may appear grayish, bluish, or simply darker brown or tan depending on your skin color. In order to balance these shades out to a more natural and lighter look, a concealer should have pink or peach tones. Which one you choose will depend on if you have a warmer or cooler complexion.

When applying concealer, do not layer on a thick coating. Instead, dab it likely or apply a thin layer and then spread it out to cover the whole area with your fingertips or a makeup sponge.

Concealer Comes Next

This makeup should be lighter in weight and closer to your natural skin color. You can also use your everyday foundation for this step. The most important rule to conceal dark circles with makeup is to make sure the application is thin and properly blended. The last thing you want is eye makeup that creases or slides in unattractive ways over the course of the day.

Finishing Touches for Dark Circle Makeup

Once you have properly concealed the dark circles under your eyes with color correction and foundation, you need to set the makeup with a thin application of powder. This also helps blend the different products you may use on your cheeks and under your eyes to give a smoother, more natural complexion.

All these steps should be completed before adding blush or eye makeup. If you regularly suffer from dark circles under your eyes, you might want to adopt the new way of applying your eye makeup as well. A harsh line of eyeliner on the bottom lashes may make the space under your eyes look darker as well. Keep things light and fresh. To brighten the area even more, consider a sweep of shimmering champagne, peach, or gold shadow on the lower lid as well as the upper.

Concealing dark circles with makeup is one of the most popular cosmetics tasks that women undertake every day. In this stressful and busy time when people do not get enough sleep, dark circles may be more visible than ever. Luckily, makeup can help as long as you know how to apply it correctly.

Does Baking Soda Help Dark Circles under eyes?

Does Baking Soda Help Dark Circles

How effective is baking soda for dark circles?

Can baking soda help with dark circles under the eyes one of the methods used to enhance the growth of new skin is by using baking soda. In addition, many people use baking soda to reduce chronic acne scars including fading off dark spots on the skin. Baking soda as been thought to be a mild skin bleach though this has not been proven.  The benefits of baking soda for dark circles under the eye area is not documented by science but have rather been documented on the basis of home remedies, as such, results may very from person to person.

Dark circles under eyes are annoying features especially if you have a light skin. Hyperpigmentation, as it is called, is a condition that is common among men and women irrespective of age. Apart from being an unpleasant sight, skin pigmentation is not a life-threatening condition. Hyperpigmentation usually can be seen on the parts of the body that experience a lot of friction such as the elbows and the knees. Overexposure to the Sun coupled with poor skin care may lead to the formation of dark circles under your eyes or may be due to a greater health risk.  

Some people are born with inherent dark circles, which can make a person appear tired when they are well rested. Persistent smoking and habits are considered unhealthy like lack of sleep, not drinking enough water and rubbing the area around the eyes also may cause the eyes to have dark circles around them. Applying expired cosmetics plus high intake of coffee, and specifically caffeine can precipitate the formation of dark circles. In old people, circles manifest themselves due to, to aging skin which thins and begins to show small bluish colored veins.  Baking soda is  remedy that is widely thought to improve hyperpigmentation and help to give the skin a more even tone.

Home remedies for Dark Circles and Hyperpigmentation

Treatment for dark circles will vary according to the causes for it. For instance, if the cause is associated with hormonal imbalance, then the best way to remedy that condition is by treating hormonal imbalance. Once the situation is restored, the dark spots on your skin would just disappear gradually. However, the following home based may even be more effective in getting rid of dark spots:

Add one or two drops of water to a teaspoonful of baking soda. An excess amount of water will dilute the mix and you may not realize good results. Dip your finger into the mixture and use it to massage on the dark spots or acne scars. Once you are done, leave it for a couple of minutes. As the water begin to evaporate the mixture crusts and harden around the spot. Wash off with clean warm water thereafter. Repeat this continuously every day prior to going to bed until you see a dramatic improvement on your skin.

Use of protective gear: After following sound skin care regimen make it conditional to wear sunscreen whose range is between SPF30-50 or use a sun-block made of zinc oxide compound.

It is best to wear the type of clothing that would protect your skin from direct exposure to the sun. This is important especially if you must stay or work outdoors where you get exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun. One of the best and effective home based remedies is by exfoliating your skin using baking soda scrub and other on budget solutions. Another simple homemade solution is to mix glycerin with a half-full teaspoon of lemon. The resulting mix is applied to the dark spots by scrubbing.

Night-time Routine to Reduce Dark Under-eye Circles

Night-time Routine to Reduce Dark Under-eye Circles

Puffiness, swelling and dark under eye bags are problems many men and women would love to eradicate hopefully with the least number of eye solution products. There are a number of key ingredients required to solve this problem without causing additional irritation or damage to the affected area. Natural ingredients have so far proven to offer the better option in terms of safety and reliability. In order to combat dark under eye circles, your best bet would be to rely on home remedies which don’t come with ugly side effects. The following are remedial routine techniques that will help to eliminate dark under eye bags:

Get enough sleep. This means you get to bed early and have a night sleep rest of eight hours. Going to bed late in the night repeatedly can only help to worsen the situation. Foods that contain harmful chemicals are recipes for allergies. This includes prescribed medication that might contain traces of allergens. Avoid them if you can.

The tissue below the eye is extremely thin and any slight dehydration will make it look taut. If this happens, you will notice that the skin around the eye becomes darkish or pale blue in color. In order to prevent this from happening, you should increase your intake of water on daily basis. This would help to hydrate your body keeping your skin smooth and supple.

To prevent conditions that lead to puffy eyes, your diet must include plenty of fruits, dairy products, green veggies and regular exercises. There are things to avoid though; salt and excess sugar intake being the main culprits. Another innovative do-it-yourself method is to place peels of cucumber and potato over the under eye regions for 15 minutes. If done routinely every day before going to bed, it will reduce puffiness considerably.

Natural remedies offer unlimited ways to solving under eye bags problems. Cooling mint leaves is another excellent ingredient that works effectively. Once it is crushed and applied on the affected area around under the eye, puffiness is reduced significantly. Another approach is to mix tomato and lemon juice in equal proportions. Then the mix is applied to the area around the eye and left for 10 minutes or there about. When it’s time to remove it, wash it off using cold water. You can repeat this twice or three times in a day. It reduces stubborn eye bags tremendously.

The following tips are equally effective in solving under eye bags:

  • You can create a nice under eye mask by mixing a little amount of fresh milk with almond powder. Apply the mixture around or below the eyes. Leave it untouched overnight. Use cold water to wash it off the following morning. Apply almond oil and gently massage the area under or around the eyes to improve blood circulation. Perform this task and in a couple of weeks, eye bags will have disappeared.
  • Tea water is another remedy that’s equally effective and safe to implement. After boiling the tea, you strain the liquid and then give it time to cool before putting them in ice trays. Place the tea ice cubes on a clean cotton wool and put it over the eye bags and around the eyes. It works perfectly well.
  • When a breakdown occurs in the skin structure around the under eyes area, the eyes appear aged. It is imperative that you keep moisturizing and toning your skin to make it firm as it should be.

What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles?

What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles?

Most individuals are agitated or irritated by the presence of periorbital dark circles—or as you most likely consider them, "Those huge dark circles under my eyes." Dark circles under eyes can make you look more seasoned than you truly are, and the individuals who have them are regularly told by good natured busybodies, "You look tired." This can be upsetting and stressful. It also makes you seem like you have poor health.

On the off chance that we experience the ill effects of dim under-eye circles, others may expect from our appearance that we are recuperating from a drinking orgy the prior night. It is not in any case unbelievable for the guardians of youngsters with dark circles under their eyes to get themselves associated with carelessness. ("Why does your tyke resemble that? Is it safe to say that he isn't getting enough rest?")

While there is some truth to the recognition that dark circles under eyes can be brought on by late night partying and/or absence of rest—exhaustion can bring about the skin to lose its brilliance, and liquor dries out the skin—there is a whole other world to it than that. In this article we will examine other conceivable reasons why you may have dark circles under your eyes, and what you might have the capacity to do about them.

What Is Causing the Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Periorbital dark circles have an awesome assortment of various causes, and regardless of what the vast majority assume, weakness isn't the one and only. While liquor and absence of rest can both add to dark circles under eyes, there are likewise various ailments that can have this impact, and a few people are just hereditarily inclined to look that path from adolescence. The mix of a reasonable appearance and meager skin is regularly the guilty party.

A portion of the more normal reasons for dark circles under the eyes include:

Heredity: Dark circles under the eyes can show up in youth, and are frequently an acquired quality. A few kids will exceed them, however others won't. Check to see if your family members have dark circles, if so, you may be at risk yourself.

Sensitivities: Nasal clog can widen the veins that channel from the range around your eyes, making them obscure.

Lack of sleep is the most widely recognized cause, and the least demanding to anticipate, yet …

Sleeping late can likewise bring about dull eye circles.

Skin inflammation

Stress: Stress can increase your likelihood to develop dark circles. When you are stressed you may have a hard time sleeping. Also, your face may become more slender if you’re stressed and you lose weight. Your face starts to sink in.

Iron insufficiency can keep the blood from conveying adequate oxygen to eye tissues, which can cause circles to develop undereyes.

Minor injury that causes the presence of a bruised eye.

What Dark Circles under your Eyes maybe telling you about your health

What Dark Circles under your Eyes maybe telling you about your health

Dark circles around your eyes can often make you appear many years older than you actually are. Not only does it make you appear older but it can also be telling signs of your health. In some cases dark circles around the eyes are hereditary traits however it most cases it can be remedied  by changing diet and exercise. Here are a few health signals that dark circles around your eyes may be indicating.

  • Lack of sleep – More often than not the cause of dark circles under your eye is due to lack of sleep. When your body goes into a deep sleep it gives it time to repair and revitalize the skin and other tissues that form the body. Deep sleep allows for the circulation of blood to the cells and skin that enables you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up. Stress also has its role in cause bags under your eyes as it can cause you to become fatigued and tired. This combined with lack of sleep can take a toll on your body and have severe long term repercussions.
  • Iron deficiency – Iron is an essential part of a healthy diet, however if you notice that you are getting severe dark circles on your eyes, lack of iron may be the reason. Iron helps the flow of oxygen through the red blood cells in your body, when you lack this nutrient it causes the veins near your eyes to become more pronounced. This is sometimes noticeable with women who are pregnant or are going through their menstrual period. If you find yourself in this situation stock up on some dark leafy greens like spinach, kale or broccoli as they are known to contain high levels of iron.
  • Medication – Certain medication can cause dark circles to appear under your eyes by causing the blood vessels near your eyes to become dilated. This can be hard to determine especially in older persons as aging also causes the skin to lose elasticity which can result in dark bags around the eyes. However if you are taking medication that may be affecting the dilation of your blood then that maybe a possible reason why you are experiencing dark spots.
  • Allergies or eczema – Those who suffer from seasonal allergies may notice the appearance of dark circles around their eyes. The nasal congestion caused by allergies causes the blood vessels surrounding the eyes to dilate which drains the area around the eye and causes them to appear darker. This can be worsened by rubbing or itching the affected area around your eyes. Some persons have also reported to notice darker parts under their eyes when they suffer from eczema (which is a skin condition).

If you have noticed the appearance of dark circles around your eyes, they may be saying something about your health. Take a minute to examine your lifestyle and identify potential causes of these dark eyes. Take immediate steps to remedy the situation before it worsens and leads to long term effects. While these threats may not be life-threatening they may help prevent you from illness and diseases as you age, which can make all the difference in the world.

Why Do I have Dark Circles under my eyes?

Why Do I have Dark Circles under my eyes?

If you have dark circles under your eyes, you may feel that you have a medical issue. Actually, it is in all likelihood not brought on by any medicinal conditions, dark circles are a common problem.

One thing without a doubt, is that having these dark circles and eye bags will make you look overly tired, or sick  as well as make you look considerable older since you'll seem worried and exhausted which can cause people to negatively comment on your appearance.  Before Revealing how to rid your face of your Dark Circles, and help you to look bright eyed once more, you should first know the common reasons you have these. To be specific:

Nasal Blockage: When you are encountering nasal clog, the veins from your eyes channel around nasal cavity.  The swollen nose can effect cause the veins to become slightly enlarged, creating the look of under eye bags.

From Other Skin Ailments: There are many skin conditions that lead to dim under eyes like such as topic dermatitis.

Inherited: Unfortunately,  dark circles can be inherent due to your families qualities, check to see if anyone else in your family has chronic dark circles under their eyes.

Lack Of Rest: The biggest main reason why people have dark circles under eyes can be the absence of rest, or not enough proper rem sleep.

Smoking: If you are smoking your more likely to develop under eye circles.

To Much Screen Time: If you experience to much time in front of a screen with UVA lights you may dark circles.

Womanly Cycles: When you are expecting or you are having your monthly cycle, your skin may look pale; consequently, you're under eyes may appear darker.

Make-up Responses: If you like applying eyeliner under your eyes and you are hypersensitive to it or you don't expel it appropriately, it may influence your under eyes.

Vitamin Consumption: Less vitamin admission can likewise prompt having dim eye bags.

Since you know the causes, its time to know some DIY home remedies to get brighter looking under eyes.

Cuts of Cucumber: Put cool slices of cucumber on your eyes for around 20 minutes. You can alternatively you can use potatoes. By doing this, you will have the capacity to let the blood dissemination on your under eyes.

Almond Powder + Milk Cream: - Mix these two fixings and delicately knead it on the influenced zone. This is a decent home remedy and it best did before you rest.

Lemon or Tomato Juice: A drop of lemon or tomato juice under your eyes will likewise help in wiping out dark circles. Nonetheless, when you are doing this, ensure you don't spill juice in your eye since it may hurt.

Diet: Adjust your eating regimen. In the event that you have been drinking bunches of carbonated beverages, you should eliminate them from your diet.

These are normal home remedies may help you to brighten your under eyes. Alternatively you can try using eye creams that help to brighten your under eyes.