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Can women and men develop bags under their eyes?

Can women and men develop bags under their eyes

The simple answer to this question is a big yes. Bags may develop under both men and women’s eyes. This might happen due to various reasons that you might even notice and know. Some of the reasons can be lack of sleep, the gravitational pressures, fat, eye fatigue and strain. However some of these reasons cannot be avoided. For example the eye bags created as a result of extensive expose to gravitational pulls with the age cannot be avoided. Just like everything on earth, your skin is too attracted to the earth as a result of the gravitational forces created.

The fat deposits in your upper and lower eye lids can fight against eye bags under your eyes. With the age these lower and upper eye muscles weaken and cannot hold up the skin as tightly as it was when you were young. Therefore the fats might now be weak and will not be a resistant to eye bags anymore. On the other hand with the age the protein levels too change that might also develop bags under your eyes. The low protein levels will deteriorate your skin healthiness and will weaken your muscles and tissues resulting in the development of bags under your eyes.

As mentioned before one of the reason for the development of bags under your eyes could be the lack of sleep. The recommended sleep time in hours is at the range of 6-8 hours per day of an adult and this may vary with the age and physical conditions. However if you are not getting an adequate sleep or if you are extensively addicted in watching television, movies and activities that involve your eyes to strain, it might also develop bags under your eyes. Therefore make sure you sleep and relax your eyes in adequate to maintain a healthy skin under your eyes.

Above were the reasons for the development of bags under your eyes. Now let’s look at some of the solutions that are available out there for this problem.

There are many ways of combating the development of bags under your eyes. The most traditional and the most popular method is the use of creams and oils. They can be either used for prevention or cure. However there are many instances where these creams and oils have not worked out. The conditions are different to one person to another and thus it is recommended to meet a skin specialist so that medications can be done accordingly.

Most of the people tend to go for the plastic surgery and other surgery options available to remove or combat against the bags created under the eyes. According to the reports 90% of those who undergo the surgery are women and are in the age of 45-60. However I is all about prevention and “prevention is said to be always better than cure”. Follow good food habits and have a healthy and a balanced life with adequate sleep. That will ensure you do not develop bags under your eyes and will keep your face attractive and young.

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