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How Do You Get Rid of Under eye Puffiness?

How Do You Get Rid of Under eye Puffiness

Puffiness under the eyes or bags under the eyes comes naturally with aging. As we age, the tissues around our eyes (along with few muscles of our eyelids) start weakening. As a result, the normal fat supporting the eyes moves into our lower eyelids, making our eyelids look puffy. Often a certain type of fluid accumulates in the region below our eyes, causing a swelling.

Generally, this problem of under eye puffiness can be addressed through several home remedies available. However, if it becomes persistent and bothersome, then cosmetic treatments can be the best-found solutions.

Here, we will discuss some useful home remedies for improving the appearance of the puffiness under our eyes.

  • Go Potato – Refrigerate a raw potato for a few minutes and then slice it into two pieces. Circle these two halves gently over your closed eyes. Afterward, put these pieces over your eyes (covering the puffed areas well) and leave them on for about 20 minutes. There will be a tremendous change, as you will notice the size of the bags getting diminished considerably.
  • Milky Way – In case you are suffering from extreme puffiness, this regime if followed regularly will give you excellent results. Dip some cotton pads in the chilled milk and place them over your eyelids for around 30 minutes. It will help the eyes to retain moisture and will cool them down.
  • Oily help – In a bowl, take some chilled water along with a few drops of Vitamin E oil and mix them well. Dip a cotton pad into this mixture and put them over the eyes for about 20 minutes. This will reduce the swelling around the eyes drastically.
  • Cucumber Relief – Cucumbers are used as a home remedy for treating a number of skin problems and when it comes to treating the puffiness under the eyes, they are fantastic. Refrigerate a cucumber and cut out two round slices. Place them over the eyes for about 20-25 minutes. These soothing slices will relax you completely and will help in refreshing your mind and your eyes. Their anti-inflammatory properties naturally reduce the puffy tissues.
  • Chilled Tea-bags – On any of those busy days, where you do not have much time to get ready to attend a party and is worried about those bags under your eyes, we have the most reliable solution for you. Dip 2 tea bags in chilled water and keep them in the refrigerator for some time. Then place them over your eyes for around half an hour. Lie back and relax. Later wash your eyes and face with cold water. You will feel fresh like never before. If you have green tea or chamomile tea bags, use them in the same way to get rid of the puffiness.
  • Egg White – Beat an egg white stiffly in a bowl. Apply it on and around your eyes with a brush. Keep it for about 20 minutes and then wash it off using cold water. It will make the area under your eyes look tighter and less puffy.
  • Hydrate yourself – It might sound oxymoronic, but yes, drinking a lot of water hydrates your body, thereby reducing the puffiness. So, whenever your eyes look a little droopy, never forget to drink some water.

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