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Ways to Manage Stretch Marks Before and After

Ways to Manage Stretch Marks Before and After

The best cure for any health concern is prevention before anything happens. This even goes for stretch marks commonly formed in pregnancy and weigh loss. Not all women or men have this luxury, however, and sometimes need a way to manage their stretch marks after the fact. Then there are those who have taken preventive measures, and want to eradicate their stretch marks completely.

Is it Possible to Prevent Stretch Marks from Forming?

In a way, there is never a guarantee. But, yes there is many effective methods for stretch marks.

In order to completely prevent them, you’d have to stop your skin from being able to stretch at all. Not only is this not possible, but it wouldn’t be very healthy either, which is what you want if you are reading this. Good health and a healthy looking body are what’s important here.

The best methods to prevent stretch marks:

  • A healthy lifestyle will be your number one stretch mark prevention. Overweight people are one of the highest at risk groups for stretch marks, whether they keep the weight forever or eventually lose it doesn’t matter. Their skin will remain at the stretched length for some time and scar. By keeping healthy, you can prevent yourself from ever becoming overweight.
  • Essential oils such as Rosehip Oil help regenerate skin cells. This strengthens your skin cells and helps prevent scarring.
  • Essential healthy fats like coconut oil and the pregnant womens’ favorite cocoa butter are also packed with essential fats an antioxidants. People have been putting both these products on for years to great effect.
  • Moisturize; you can use both coconut oil and cocoa butter to moisturize your skin, but any moisturizer is better than none. Dry skin is more likely to become damaged and scarred.
  • Don’t overuse cortisone creams and medication. Excess cortisone is connected to increasing the chance stretch marks form on the skin.

Apply the above preventions and your chance of stretch marks drops. But if you already fins yourself with some, read on.

What can be done to Manage Stretch Marks After

After stretch marks form the ability to reduce them becomes harder, especially if you have lived an unhealthy lifestyle. Some people turn to cosmetic surgery to rid themelves of these scars forever. This is very effective but also very invasive on your body and explensive.

Here are effective after stretch marks management tips:

  • Healthy natural supplements like the already mentioned Rosehip oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter are all very effective in reducing stretch marks and making your skin look all around healthier.
  • Vitamin K has been shown in numerous studies to be highly effective in reducing stretch marks on the body. You can find vitamin K in foods such as bitter greens (ie dandelion greens, scallions), and fermented foods (sauerkraut and kimchi).
  • Moisturize again; keeping the skin at a good moisturization level is healthy and necessary. Once more, dry skin is skin prone to tears and more stretch marks. Pure cocoa butter and pure aloe vera are some of the best moisturizers used for decades.