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Naturally Reduce Stretch Marks

Naturally Reduce Stretch Marks

Weight gain, pregnancy, and just natural growth and development can lead to unsightly stretch marks that women want to conceal or get rid of at all costs. They can stop you from wearing your favorite styles, make you self-conscious on the beach or in the bedroom, and damage the positive image you have of yourself. Luckily, there are multiple methods you can try to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks naturally.

3 Natural Methods to Reduce Stretch Marks

When it comes to reducing the appearance of ugly stretch marks, there are three methods that you can try at home. Just like any scar or blemish, healing the skin, feeding the appearance of the problem, or encouraging it to disappear by rapid exfoliation are all methods that can help you regain a smooth surface.

Moisturizing and Healing Skin

Heal the damage skin faster by using rich oils and sources of protein build the skin cells back up again. Three natural remedies that have been shown to lessen the appearance of stretch marks include olive oil, coconut oil, aloe vera and vitamin E, and eggs. The oils moisturize and soften the skin, which can also help prevent stretch marks from ever forming in the first place. Aloe vera has long been used as a healing agent and vitamin E nourishes the cells. Eggs are rich in protein, amino acids, and vitamins that also boost your skin's ability to heal itself.

Fading Appearance

As the stretch marks are healing or if they have healed all they can, you might consider using various natural acids to fade their appearance and make them less noticeable. Stretch marks start out as ugly pink lines across the affected area. In time, they will fade to a shade that is paler than your skin tone. Two natural remedies that help this process and help stretch marks blend in better with your natural shade are lemon juice and potato juice. Apply either liberally to the area where you have stretch marks, let it sit on for several minutes, and then wash off again.

Exfoliation and Dermabrasion

Although dermatologists and plastic surgeons offer these procedures to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and other flaws on your skin, it is possible to do it at home as well. Even better, you can use natural ingredients to create a healthy scrub that rejuvenates your skin and helps new skin grow. Ground up oats and granular table sugar are both amazing and exfoliators. Either can be mixed with one of the oils mentioned above or even some lemon juice to create a natural stretch mark reduction powerhouse.

Unfortunately, though you can greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks natural, they may not ever go away completely. One of the best ways to prevent dealing with these unsightly scars is to avoid getting them in the first place. Drink plenty of water, eat healthy food, and keep your skin properly moisturized. All of these things can help your skin stay healthy and resilient.

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