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Does Alcohol Worsen Gout?


Does alcohol worsen gout

In this day and age, there are several diseases which are relatively easily contracted. Even though medicine has come leaps and bounds in terms of success rate, another factor that has drastically increased over time, is the methods in which we enjoy ourselves or the methods in which we entertain ourselves. Alcohol has become the favorite past time of many people. Weather drinking to enjoy yourself on a night out, or just having a drink to relax at the comfort of your home. Alcohol has become synonymous with enjoyment whichever way you seek it. However, this comes at a risk.

Gout is a decease where the metabolism becomes defective when interacting with uric acid. This causes the bones in the body to weaken. This is especially true when it comes to the feet. And in particular, the bones which are relatively smaller in your feet. The next question that is to be asked naturally is weather gout has any relation to alcohol. This is an intriguing question and should be looked at in two ways. The first being weather alcohol can first of all lead to gout in a person that did not have gout in the first place. The second being weather alcohol can indeed worsen gout in a person who already has it.

Not many people know how they initially get gout disease. However, studies have shown that this could arise due to prolonged alcohol consumption. There are 3 main types of alcohol that you can examine. The first being beer which is the densest liquid. Several studies and popular research has shown that beer gives the most amount of risk when it comes to gout decease. This is due to the high amount of purine in the beer. Purine then in turn breaks down and forms uric acid. And then this uric acid may not pass with urine. If this happens there will be crystal deposits in the joints. This is what causes gout. Hence beer has the highest risk of causing gout as well as increasing it if one already has it. The second type of alcohol is spirits. Spirits are still considered as hard liquor. However what they lack that beer has is density. What this means is that spirits such as whiskey and vodka has less purine content than beer. Hence there is less uric acid build up. However, there is also a slight risk of getting gout. Spirits will also increase gout if it is already present. The final type of alcohol is wine. A Wine has the least amount of purine leading hot very low levels or uric acid build up. It is very rare that a person would contract gout solely by drinking wine. Although it is important to note that there is a very slight risk of gout from drinking wine as well. A person who already has gout will have the little risk from consuming wine. But it is still a higher risk that an intake of zero alcohol. Hence it is clear that alcohol does indeed worsen gout.