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The Causes For Gout


everything about gout

The decease condition gout is caused due to excess of uric acid in the blood stream. This is also called as hyperuricemia. The breakdowns of purines will produce uric acid inside your body. And also foods such as meat, seafood and poultry consists more uric acid. This is kind of an arthritis condition. Uric acid is important to your body but too much of uric acid will form hard crystals in your joints.

If you are an overweight person, there is a higher possibility of getting gout. Too much consumption of alcohol will cause gout condition. And also certain medicines will increase the uric acid concentration in your body. Mainly consumption of aspirin or niacin or any other type of medicine that reduce the water and salt in your body will cause gout. So it is important that you tell the medicine that you are taking to the doctor when you take medicine. And also lack of exercises will also cause this disease, therefore it is important to exercise daily and always not to station for one place always, always try to be an active person. But too much of exercising and dieting is not good. Rapid weight loss will less the strength of the muscles and will cause to a gout condition. There is a higher possibility that a high blood pressure patient getting gout. Therefore it is important to take medications to such conditions.

Having born with this disease is a rare condition. But if you are born with high blood uric acid levels you will be subjected to gout disease. You should be concerns more about your meals. Always have a balanced diet but always less sugary foods and foods with high amounts of fructose in it, those foods will increase the uric acid condition in your body. Fructose also make toxins and lots of waste products, when they are metabolized by the liver other health issues which are harmful may occur.   Avoid shellfish, mushrooms, asparagus, cauliflower, lentils and spinach etc. always reduce or do not consumption purine rich food.  And specially people who have diabetes, high cholesterol and heart diseases are at a higher risk of this illness.

And also the science has found out that males have a higher risk to get this disease condition. And another cause is taking diuretic medicine. Also dehydration is also a cause. You must maintain proper water levels in your body.

The symptoms of gout include pain in your body, swelling and tenderness in a joint. Also change in the color of the skin near joints and also inability to move your body are also symptoms. Peeling and itching of the skin are also symptoms of the disease. The gout may first appear as nodules on the hanr ear. It is very important to rectify the disease at the initial stages, meeting your doctor regularly can save you from gout and many other diseases.

Gout - Cause

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