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Shih -Tzu Tear Staining For Dummies


Tear Removal for Shih-Tzu

Shih-Tzu’s are often happy, lively and affectionate dogs. They are known for their petite size and their coats. These dogs are often a show dog breed, which makes their appearance a main concern. When buying a Shih-Tzu there are a few things to keep in mind. You will need to keep their coats well brushed and groomed. Some people prefer to keep their dogs hair short like a puppy cut while others prefer a long length coat, but this is what requires maintenance regularly.

Did you know that the meaning of Shih-Tzu is Lion Dog, which is derived from the Chinese language and common in America also. It was probably a term to denote their long hair length.

The Shih-Tzu has a longer body and a short snout, shallow eye sockets and a larger gap between the eyes. The eye sockets are short which means that the tear stains can easily leak out on the hair or the hair that grows near the eyes become so long it enter the eyes and it dries on it. As stains accumulate it will come to a point where you need to address them because it can make your dog look unhealthy or poorly groomed.

Tear stain supplements that are promoted to reduce the look of tear stains on all breeds are the top options on the market. It makes it easy for individuals who have multiple dogs, not just a Shih-Tzu breed. Most dogs in a single house hold can use the same product. Also, look for products that are intended for new stains and old ones. These products can be found online or in retail stores.

Tear stain supplements can sometimes be found in beef, vegetarian or chicken flavored. This is helpful for dog owners that have a picky pet. Many manufacturers create flavored products so when it is applied to their food directly they do not taste a difference in their food. Some dogs are so picky the will notice a slight change in their diet and resist their food. You have to be able to outsmart your dog. Refer to sites like tear-stain-center.com to see a list of tear stain products on the market.

Tear Stain Supplements Review


Tear Stain Supplements Reviewed

Purchasing a tear stain supplement for your dog or cat is an exhausting task when you do not know what to look for. Most people rush out and buy anything that is related to tear stain removal for dogs.  However, this is not always the best choice. It is important to be educated and have basic knowledge of a product and what to look for so that you are sure that you are not administering something potentially harmful to your pet.

The pet health industry is progressing and continuing to expand. However, that does not mean that all manufacturers use quality of ingredients to ensure the safety of your dog or cat. Some manufacturers use harmful ingredients because they know the ingredient is effective in reducing tear stains, so they want to make money off something that works rather than something that is safe.

Do not purchase products containing Tylosin as it is a harmful ingredient that works on tear stains, but it is potentially dangerous and can promote health issues for your pet. Products that are sold over the counter without veterinarian consent and use this ingredient are illegal. Only products that are administered or prescribed by a vet should be used when it comes to formulas containing tylosin. By reading reviews on products, you will learn what products contain these ingredients and which do not.

For example, Tearplex is a tear stain supplement that retails for under $50 and offers a Buy 2, Get 1 Free purchase specials. It is also promoted to address the look of existing stains and works effectively towards future stains. It appears that this product is safe for use on both dogs and cats of all breeds. Based on your pets size will determine how the product should be used. Also, Tearplex is comprised of natural ingredients and does not contain any traces of Tylosin. This is beneficial as this ingredient has been tested and connected to harmful negative side effects.

Do not use products like Angels Glow. The manufacturer states that this product contains a dilution of Tylosin and promotes the product as a saliva and tear stain product that helps eliminate stains.

My Maltese Dog Has Tear Stains- How Do I Get Rid Of Them ?


Tear Stain Removal

The Maltese breed is thought of as a cute, cuddly, and playful dog that remains small in size. But is your Maltese still as cute as the day you brought him or her home? You may have noticed that as a puppy their hair on their face looked well groomed and clean. But now as your Maltese has grown a little older, some brownish-red stains have formed around the eyes. These are known as tear stains.

So why do these stains develop? There are a few factors that lead to the development of eye stains on a Maltese. To begin with, the Maltese is known for their little button like noses with a very short snout. This makes the hair on the face easy to grow long enough in length that it can enter the eyes. When the hair enters the eyes it accumulates tears and can cause a buildup. As the tears dry it can promote bacteria if left unresolved, which gives it the brown/red look.

Also, tear stains on a Maltese can develop because they have shallow eye ducts and they can become easily clogged. This makes the tears from the eyes leak out to the fur around your dogs eyes and once again if left unresolved, it can lead to the development of eye stains. So once your Maltese has these eye stains, you may want to know how to get rid of tear stains on my Maltese.

There are options that can be considered a tear stain remover, but these products only offer short term results. These products are wipes, shampoos and conditioners or a comb. They only address tear stains after they have formed and dried on your dogs coat/fur.

That is why an alternative has been developed. Tear stain supplements are not considered a tear stain removal option. Instead, they are a supplement approach that can be formulated with natural ingredients and help address the leading cause of tears stains from inside-out. These products can be found online and should be used as directed to achieve maximum results. To learn more about these products, visit alternative informational sites.

Do Dogs Other Than Maltese And Shih-Tzu’s Develop Tear Stains ?


Dog breeds and tear stains

Maltese and Shih-Tzu’s are playful and cute and well known for their petite sizes. These breeds are typically fair in their color, typically white, grey or light brown. This makes it easy for individuals to see the development of white dog tear stains or stains on light colored dog’s hair/fur. But did you know that they are not the only ones who can get these ugly stains.

Yes, there are other breeds that are known for developing tear stains. These breeds include: Bichon, Pekinese, Bull Dogs, and Poodles. This is because some breeds are more vulnerable and genetically inclined to develop these stains versus other breeds. However, this does not mean that other breeds will not develop these stains as well.

These breeds all have some of the same features in common, such as hair that can grow long enough to enter the eyes, shallow eye sockets, a short snout and tear ducts that can easily clog. This is what leads to the development of stains.

To help reduce the look of ugly brown stains around your dogs eyes, you can trim back the hair so that it is not long enough to enter the eyes. This will help reduce the accumulation of stains on the fur of your pet. This is considered a tear stain removal option, because as you cut the hair, you can remove the existing stains. However, trimming the hair will only offer results for a few days to weeks, until the hair grows long enough in length and enters the eyes once again.

That is why the invention of a tear stain supplement was formed. Supplements can be used at home and sprinkled over your dog’s food so that the product can help address stains from within your dog and work its way to offering results on his visible fur coat. These products are sold online but a select few can be found in local retail stores. Be sure the product is Tylosin-Free and does not cost over $50 as these products are expensive compared to options that sell for under $50.

Do Tear Stain Removers For Dogs Work ?


Remove Stain of Dog Tears

Stains on the hair of your dogs eyes can be seen once they turn a brown or red color.

Do tear stain removers for dogs work?

After further evaluation there is talk that they work but do not offer long enough results as some wish. Removal products are those that can remove the look of tear stains with methods like trimming, wipes or shampoos and conditioners.

When looking for tear stain products you will find that they can come in different flavors. Some are beef, whereas others are chicken. Sometimes the manufacturer does this so when it’s sprinkled over your animal’s food, it can match the taste of their food. This makes it easier to administer the product rather than your dog resisting it.

There are certain aspects to a tear stain product that makes it one of the best on the market. These are key features you should look for in a product so that you now it’s the top of the line option. The best tear stain supplements are those that are promoted to:

  • Marketed for existing tears stains
  • Promoted for future stains
  • Retails for under $50
  • Contains natural ingredients
  • Has Veterinarian Trusted seal
  • Offers Buy 2, Get 1 Free deals
  • Made in the USA
  • Claims its effective on all breeds of dogs and cats
  • Does NOT contain Tylosin

Products like I-Clenz™ or Tearplex do not contain the ingredient Tylosin which is only FDA Approved for use in farm animals like swine, cattle, or chickens. Dogs and cats should not use this ingredient in dietary supplements because it is not approved for use without veterinarians consent, because of its potential harmful side effects.

Also, the top products on the market are those that contain natural ingredients as they are safer for long term use when compared to prescription options. Also, look for products that have the veterinarian trusted seal and have been formulated in the USA. This helps reduce the likelihood of products that are trying to scam you.