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Do Dogs Other Than Maltese And Shih-Tzu’s Develop Tear Stains ?


Dog breeds and tear stains

Maltese and Shih-Tzu’s are playful and cute and well known for their petite sizes. These breeds are typically fair in their color, typically white, grey or light brown. This makes it easy for individuals to see the development of white dog tear stains or stains on light colored dog’s hair/fur. But did you know that they are not the only ones who can get these ugly stains.

Yes, there are other breeds that are known for developing tear stains. These breeds include: Bichon, Pekinese, Bull Dogs, and Poodles. This is because some breeds are more vulnerable and genetically inclined to develop these stains versus other breeds. However, this does not mean that other breeds will not develop these stains as well.

These breeds all have some of the same features in common, such as hair that can grow long enough to enter the eyes, shallow eye sockets, a short snout and tear ducts that can easily clog. This is what leads to the development of stains.

To help reduce the look of ugly brown stains around your dogs eyes, you can trim back the hair so that it is not long enough to enter the eyes. This will help reduce the accumulation of stains on the fur of your pet. This is considered a tear stain removal option, because as you cut the hair, you can remove the existing stains. However, trimming the hair will only offer results for a few days to weeks, until the hair grows long enough in length and enters the eyes once again.

That is why the invention of a tear stain supplement was formed. Supplements can be used at home and sprinkled over your dog’s food so that the product can help address stains from within your dog and work its way to offering results on his visible fur coat. These products are sold online but a select few can be found in local retail stores. Be sure the product is Tylosin-Free and does not cost over $50 as these products are expensive compared to options that sell for under $50.

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