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Tear Stain Supplements Review


Tear Stain Supplements Reviewed

Purchasing a tear stain supplement for your dog or cat is an exhausting task when you do not know what to look for. Most people rush out and buy anything that is related to tear stain removal for dogs.  However, this is not always the best choice. It is important to be educated and have basic knowledge of a product and what to look for so that you are sure that you are not administering something potentially harmful to your pet.

The pet health industry is progressing and continuing to expand. However, that does not mean that all manufacturers use quality of ingredients to ensure the safety of your dog or cat. Some manufacturers use harmful ingredients because they know the ingredient is effective in reducing tear stains, so they want to make money off something that works rather than something that is safe.

Do not purchase products containing Tylosin as it is a harmful ingredient that works on tear stains, but it is potentially dangerous and can promote health issues for your pet. Products that are sold over the counter without veterinarian consent and use this ingredient are illegal. Only products that are administered or prescribed by a vet should be used when it comes to formulas containing tylosin. By reading reviews on products, you will learn what products contain these ingredients and which do not.

For example, Tearplex is a tear stain supplement that retails for under $50 and offers a Buy 2, Get 1 Free purchase specials. It is also promoted to address the look of existing stains and works effectively towards future stains. It appears that this product is safe for use on both dogs and cats of all breeds. Based on your pets size will determine how the product should be used. Also, Tearplex is comprised of natural ingredients and does not contain any traces of Tylosin. This is beneficial as this ingredient has been tested and connected to harmful negative side effects.

Do not use products like Angels Glow. The manufacturer states that this product contains a dilution of Tylosin and promotes the product as a saliva and tear stain product that helps eliminate stains.

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