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My Maltese Dog Has Tear Stains- How Do I Get Rid Of Them ?


Tear Stain Removal

The Maltese breed is thought of as a cute, cuddly, and playful dog that remains small in size. But is your Maltese still as cute as the day you brought him or her home? You may have noticed that as a puppy their hair on their face looked well groomed and clean. But now as your Maltese has grown a little older, some brownish-red stains have formed around the eyes. These are known as tear stains.

So why do these stains develop? There are a few factors that lead to the development of eye stains on a Maltese. To begin with, the Maltese is known for their little button like noses with a very short snout. This makes the hair on the face easy to grow long enough in length that it can enter the eyes. When the hair enters the eyes it accumulates tears and can cause a buildup. As the tears dry it can promote bacteria if left unresolved, which gives it the brown/red look.

Also, tear stains on a Maltese can develop because they have shallow eye ducts and they can become easily clogged. This makes the tears from the eyes leak out to the fur around your dogs eyes and once again if left unresolved, it can lead to the development of eye stains. So once your Maltese has these eye stains, you may want to know how to get rid of tear stains on my Maltese.

There are options that can be considered a tear stain remover, but these products only offer short term results. These products are wipes, shampoos and conditioners or a comb. They only address tear stains after they have formed and dried on your dogs coat/fur.

That is why an alternative has been developed. Tear stain supplements are not considered a tear stain removal option. Instead, they are a supplement approach that can be formulated with natural ingredients and help address the leading cause of tears stains from inside-out. These products can be found online and should be used as directed to achieve maximum results. To learn more about these products, visit alternative informational sites.

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