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Natural Male Enhancement Options

Natural Male Enhancement Options

Human sexuality is one of the most explored and discussed topics on the internet. You will find many articles, books, videos and podcasts all delving deeply on what is normal, abnormal and what people can do to improve their sex lives. For men, one of the hottest topics is the size of their male members. The dangers of having such a hot and desirable subject discussed online is that there is the potential to be led astray or fed erroneous information that will result in catastrophic consequences. Many men would want to enhance the size of their male members without going through risky operations or taking pills that do not work.

The good news is that there are many natural options available for anyone who wants to increase their penile length and girth. The following are some of the natural enhancement options available:

Eating the right foods

As is often the case, the food we consume is the foundation for the strength and quality of our body and its constituent organs. Some of the specific foods that you should focus on in order to naturally enhance your male member include:

  • Onions:
  • Onions are rich in vitamins and phytochemicals that will give you a powerful erection when the occasion demands one. This means that you can add them to your fruit and vegetable salad, or you can make liberal use of onions while cooking your meals.

  • Salmon:
  • You can never go wrong with fish. Salmon is rich in omega fatty acids and other fats that are important in the formation of the male hormone, testosterone. It is this hormone that is responsible for secondary sexual characteristics such as muscle bulk, hair and the development of male genitals. As such, if you are looking to enhance your male genitalia, salmon is a great first step.

  • Oysters:
  • Oysters are awesome for natural male enhancement, seeing that they are rich in amino acids and other nutrients that are essential in the formation of male sex hormones that regulate, among other things, size and girth of penile members. They are also rich in zinc which will improve the quality and quantity of sperm released. It is no wonder then that most supplements purporting to help in male enhancement are full of oyster extracts.


There are many exercises that you can engage in to help you in your male enhancement plans. Some of these exercises include:

  • Stretching:
  • Stretching your penis helps to warm the penile muscles and also serves to increase the quantity of blood flowing through the shaft of the penis. While in a flaccid state, lift your penis and place it in a horizontal stretch for a few moments. This is an exercise that should be repeated at least five times.

  • Jelqing:
  • Jelqing aims to increase blood flow to the penis, and thus stimulate cell growth and division which will increase the length as well as the bulk of the penis. In order to carry out this exercise, you will be required to make the ‘OK’ sign with some of the fingers on your hand. After lubricating the shaft of the penis, you will place the ‘OK’ hand sign at the base of the penis and move along its length.

    All these are natural male enhancement options that you can begin using right now!

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