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Is Gout Related to erectile dysfunction?

Is gout related to erectile dysfunction?

Erection occurs in a man as a result of effect of blood entering and being retained in the penis. The blood inflow occurs in most men usually when they are sexually aroused with the help of the signal transmitted from the brain to those nerves in the penis. Any interruption with this working principle may result in erectile dysfunction (ED). That is,for a man to maintain a proper erection, both the heart pumping blood to the penis and the brain sending signal must work properly.

Researchers have suggested various causes of ED most of which are categorized to two main factors; physical factor and psychological factor. Depression, anxieties, heart diseases, poor diet, diabetes, smoking, alcohol consumption and sometimes medication have been known as some of the causes of ED.

New research have suggest gout to be one of the potential cause of ED. Gout is a painfulinflammation of jointscaused as a result of high amount of uric acid deposited in the joints. Uric acid is produced during the breakdown of purines (substance found in some of our food such as steak, organ meats, seafood, alcohol, liver, peas and beverages) in the body. Patients with gout experience pain in their feet, toes, knees, fingers, elbows and wrist. They may also experience stiffness,redness, and swelling in area affected.

How is gout related to ED?

Study shows that high amount of uric acid can restrict the blood flow in the inner lining blood vessels including those in the penis. This makes it difficult for sufficient blood to flow into the penis resulting to lack of erection.

As there have been reports of ED in patient with gout, scientist have suggested that there could be relationship between the two but this does not mean gout is the cause of ED. The conclusion is that men living with gout are at higher risk of ED. Doctors suggested that men who have gout should check regularly for any sign of erectile dysfunction.

The following tips will help you to prevent and manage gout to avoid ED:

  • Drink enough water:Uric acid can be passed out through urine, it is recommended you drink a lot of water to expel excess uric acid through urination.
  • Cut back on alcohol intake:Alcohol and bears contains high percentage of purines which is then broken down to uric acid. It is advisable to reduce or avoid alcohol consumption.
  • Eat good diet:Try as much as possible to avoid foods high in purines such as seafood, organs and beverages. Eat more of food rich in vitamin like fruit, vegetables and whole grain, they also help to reduce inflammation naturally.
  • Avoid overweight:Over weight can not only increase the risk of developing gout but it can also worsen gout pain for those that has already has gout. Avoiding weight gain can help reduce the level of uric acid in the body and further ease pains in joints.
  • Get enough rest:The best way to relief pain from joints is to take enough rest. When you are experiencing pains in your joints take time to rest to prevent further inflammation. If you think the inflammation is caused by weight, shed down some weight. It is important you take extra care of your joints.

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