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Top Causes of Early Balding

Top Causes of Early Balding

For the most part, hair loss has been associated with aging. People who take baldness with positive attitude will still handsome even when they lose their hair at early age. Causes for loss of hair are many and varied especially among the men fork. Most cases of baldness can be traced back along hereditary lineage whereas some loss hair due to pressure at workplaces, stressful work schedule, poor hair care approach, hormonal changes and many other unfavorable conditions. Although losing about 200 hair strands daily is considered normal, anything above that would require intervention. In this day and age, the number of ways to replace lost hair is infinite.

Natural Solutions

Many men would confess with absolute confidentiality that natural remedial options are the way to go in solving hair loss problems. For one, they are safe to use, have no side effects and can be obtained easily. Furthermore, the natural remedies are effective and less expensive compared to conventional medicine.

Daily Hair Care

Create a do-it-yourself hair oil consisting of equal proportions of coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive and rosemary oil. Onto this mixture, add reasonable amount of bright-yellow nettle root. Nettle has since been known to revamp weak hair and help it grow again. Other ingredients in the mix help to catalyze the process of hair growth. Warming the mixture before applying on your hair works best to open up pores for faster absorption. Daily care hair routine is important and you should avoid yanking your hair vigorously especially immediately after washing.


Lack of vitamins A and E contribute a lot to hair loss in men. You reckon that vitamin A is responsible for aiding in the production of sebum which is essential for healthy hair growth in the scalp. Presence of vitamin E helps to facilitate efficient circulation of blood thereby rejuvenating hair follicles. Lack of vitamin-rich foodstuff in your diet is another contributor to hair loss.


Sebum plays a big role in the growth of healthy hair and as such, the Presence of vitamin A is essential as it helps to stimulate its production in the scalp. On the other hand, vitamin E aids in facilitating efficient blood circulation. It is advisable to incorporate foods that contain plenty of vitamins.

Head massage

Trained experts usually know the areas where to concentrate on while carrying out scalp massage. Weekly scalp massage can help ease pressure and increase blood circulation around the area. This encourages faster hair growth.


Regular exercising, trimming your hair when it’s due, and following a regimen that’s rich in protein all add up to promote hair growth.


You can do better to help your hair grow by practicing yoga or meditation a couple of times every week. This would reinstate hormonal imbalance and by so doing help your hair to grow.

Hair products

The marketplace is awash with numerous hair products some of which are not authentic. Although every product claims to have the solution to hair loss, not all of them can offer the desired solution. It is advisable to read product reviews from people who have actually used the product or get advice from a professional.

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