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DHT the Main Component of Male Hair Loss


Male Hair loss can be linked to a lot of factors, but the most common type of male hair loss is male pattern baldness which is caused by a powerful natural metabolite_ Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT cause the hair to shrink and fall out in a particular pattern. Some women also experience this type of hair loss condition.

What is DHT

Dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT is a powerful metabolite of the human body and the main component of male hair loss. The DHT is a potent chemical derivative of testosterone, created when the metabolism of androgen react with an enzyme called 5 alpha reductase.

Testosterone is converted to DHT by an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase, Dihydrotestosterone might be a chemical derivative of testosterone but it is five times more potent than testosterone. Although DHT attaches to the same sites as testosterone, they tend to remain bound for longer periods of time than testosterone.

Understanding DHT

The role of Dihydrotestosterone is multifaceted and not just hair based. DHT is a sex steroid which is also produced in the gonads.

DHT is also an androgen hormone which is responsible for the biological characteristics of male development such as deep voices, and increased muscle mass and hairy chests among others.

DHT is also an androgen hormone which is responsible for the biological characteristics of male development such as deep voices, and increased muscle mass and hairy chests among others.

Some of the potential effect of DHT in adult includes hair loss, enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer.

How does DHT cause Hair loss

Most medical Hair loss in both man and women are caused by hormonal changes in the body, and it is linked to the alterations in the metabolism of the male hormones, called androgens. The irony about DHT is that_ it is responsible for the growth of facial hair in male, and is also the responsible for the head hair loss, by thinning the hair and over time the hair eventually fall out and stop growing.

DHT does not actually cause excessive hair shedding, it effects on the hair is in stage and gradual. DHT gradually impedes hair growth by reducing the follicles ability to produce hair.

The most important part of the hair follicles is dermal papilla_ it is responsible for producing the needed nutrients for hair follicle growth and also responsible for the form a new hair follicle. The hair follicle needs proper nutrition to aid and maintaining hair health. The DHT cause hair loss by disrupted the natural hair lifecycle. DHT attach itself to the receptor cells of hair follicles and prevents it from getting needed nourishment to sustain hair life such as protein, minerals, and vitamins. This hair follicle starts to shrink due to the miniaturization and thereby reproduce hair at a slower rate. The result of DHT on the hair follicle cause thinning hair with each new growth phase of the lifecycle and eventually the follicle stop producing new hair.

There are lots of medications and proven treatments for hair loss, medication such as Propecia, Minoxidil, Medroxyprogesterone (MPG) and azelaic acid (AA) can reduce (if not stop) the effect of DHT on hair by increasing the blood flow to the hair follicle, some medication works by directly inhibiting the production of DHT.

Top Causes of Early Balding

Top Causes of Early Balding

For the most part, hair loss has been associated with aging. People who take baldness with positive attitude will still handsome even when they lose their hair at early age. Causes for loss of hair are many and varied especially among the men fork. Most cases of baldness can be traced back along hereditary lineage whereas some loss hair due to pressure at workplaces, stressful work schedule, poor hair care approach, hormonal changes and many other unfavorable conditions. Although losing about 200 hair strands daily is considered normal, anything above that would require intervention. In this day and age, the number of ways to replace lost hair is infinite.

Natural Solutions

Many men would confess with absolute confidentiality that natural remedial options are the way to go in solving hair loss problems. For one, they are safe to use, have no side effects and can be obtained easily. Furthermore, the natural remedies are effective and less expensive compared to conventional medicine.

Daily Hair Care

Create a do-it-yourself hair oil consisting of equal proportions of coconut oil, castor oil, almond oil, olive and rosemary oil. Onto this mixture, add reasonable amount of bright-yellow nettle root. Nettle has since been known to revamp weak hair and help it grow again. Other ingredients in the mix help to catalyze the process of hair growth. Warming the mixture before applying on your hair works best to open up pores for faster absorption. Daily care hair routine is important and you should avoid yanking your hair vigorously especially immediately after washing.


Lack of vitamins A and E contribute a lot to hair loss in men. You reckon that vitamin A is responsible for aiding in the production of sebum which is essential for healthy hair growth in the scalp. Presence of vitamin E helps to facilitate efficient circulation of blood thereby rejuvenating hair follicles. Lack of vitamin-rich foodstuff in your diet is another contributor to hair loss.


Sebum plays a big role in the growth of healthy hair and as such, the Presence of vitamin A is essential as it helps to stimulate its production in the scalp. On the other hand, vitamin E aids in facilitating efficient blood circulation. It is advisable to incorporate foods that contain plenty of vitamins.

Head massage

Trained experts usually know the areas where to concentrate on while carrying out scalp massage. Weekly scalp massage can help ease pressure and increase blood circulation around the area. This encourages faster hair growth.


Regular exercising, trimming your hair when it’s due, and following a regimen that’s rich in protein all add up to promote hair growth.


You can do better to help your hair grow by practicing yoga or meditation a couple of times every week. This would reinstate hormonal imbalance and by so doing help your hair to grow.

Hair products

The marketplace is awash with numerous hair products some of which are not authentic. Although every product claims to have the solution to hair loss, not all of them can offer the desired solution. It is advisable to read product reviews from people who have actually used the product or get advice from a professional.

Can Dying Your Hair Cause Balding?

Can Dying Your Hair Cause Balding

One popular old adage claims that women’s richest ornament is their hair. However, today’s generation, both men, and women love to treat and style their hair following the latest trends; which is why you may find the market is awash with numerous hair style products. When you do what you do with your hair in terms of styling, the objective behind it is to improve your visual appeal and make your image admirable. You ought, therefore, to be very cautious when using products such as dyes, and various chemicals. Make sure you use trusted products with positive reviews from people who have used them successfully before attempting to use it your self.

As you endeavor to give your hair a funky new look, remember that we dwell in a world that’s full of toxic chemical. In an ideal environment, you could dye your hair as freely and as often as you desired without fear of harmful side effects. However, because we live in an environment surrounded by toxic elements, most beauty products can be of great risk to your health. Hair dye is one such product that’s no exception.

Why to stop hair dye

If advertising agencies were sincere in their ad campaigns, they would refer to hair dye as “hair die” instead because these products can be lethal-literally.

Asthma: Already millions of people suffer from respiratory allergies that are linked to chemicals, mold, and pollen. Some studies indicate that people who are prone to lung infections are at a higher risk of developing asthma if using hair dye products available in the market.

Most bleaching agents including hair dyes contain persulfates that constitute about 60% of the compounds therein. Using hair dye continuously may lead to persistent throat irritation, cough, wheezing, asthma and lung inflammation.

Reaction to Allergy: There are a number of chemicals contained in hair dye that can trigger a very severe allergy. Extreme reactions may at times become fatal. Allergic reactions arising from using hair dye are far too common than people perceive and that’s why they usually advise (on the label) that you carry out a “patch test” before applying it. It is simply a warning that you are about to use a product that is not one hundred percent safe. For instance, the chemical used to make hair shiny and bright even after several washings is called P-phenylenediamine (PPD). This chemical is known to cause skin rash, burning sensation and blistering of the skin.

Balding: Balding has since been associated with aging men. However, in today’s world hair loss is a common phenomenon even in young people in their teens. Balding may occur due to persistent hair styling such as dying. Overexposing your hair to hair dyes may lead to hair breaking off at its root thereby exposing it directly to the chemicals contained in the dye. Continuous use of the dye because of styling means you continue losing hair gradually. Stopping it allows the hair to grow again once the chemical reactions ceases.

When you choose to dye your hair using commercial hair products, note that it is incumbent upon you to make an informed choice. It makes sense to ask your stylist at the salon about the ingredients contained in the type of dye you desire to apply to your hair. Remember also that if your hair reacts badly to the dye, you will experience a number of symptoms such as sneezing, hives, coughing, and a little while thereafter you begin to lose hair hence balding sets in.

Braids, Weaves and Hair Loss

Braids, Weaves and Hair Loss

There are numerous reasons why people lose hair. Some of the factors include chemotherapy, radiation, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, some medication, stress, exposure to harmful chemicals and so on. Most of the causes mentioned are temporal while few can have long term effects. Some of the common contributors to hair loss are outlined hereunder.

Hormonal Characteristics

Different hormones function differently as in some do promote hair growth while others cause hair to deplete. Hormonal imbalance can in many ways impact the growth or loss of hair both in men and women.


Hair thinning occurs in men following a specific pattern, usually from near the forehead receding toward the crown. On the other hand, thinning in women tend to occur randomly around the head. It is caused by Dihydrotestosterone (DH. All of us have DHT produced in our bodies yet not everyone suffer hair loss.

The other reason is that there are follicles which harbor a lot of Androgen receptors to which DHT tend to attach itself to and this is the element that is passed on from one generation to the other by way of genes. Up to now, one of the most effective methods to prevent hair loss due to DHT is to apply anti-Androgen medication.


It is commonplace for women to lose hair after giving birth. This is due to the simultaneous entry of individual hair strands entering the telogen or resting phase. Most women realize this after two or three months after delivering their babies. A woman may continue to lose excessive hair six months after delivering. Hormonal fluctuation is responsible for this type of condition. However, the condition resolves completely on its own thereafter once the hormones stabilize after pregnancy.

Control pills

Some women may be genetically vulnerable to attacks from Androgenic Alopecia which is something that can occur to someone who is much younger. Such occurrence at an early age is precipitated by one using birth control pills. The effect caused by these pills goes to trigger a hormonal imbalance in the body, subsequently giving rise to Androgenic Alopecia.


Children including adults at times play around with their hair by either pulling or twisting it. There are many reasons why people do that but some can be attributed to habitual problems that people do unconsciously. If not checked, it may lead to hair loss due to stretch and stress on the hair. Such cases are best handled by a qualified health practitioner.

Hair Styling

Many people fancy different hairstyles every so often and by so doing, they apply chemicals, relaxers, bleaches, strengtheners, permanent weaves etc. Hair damage can be minimal if you use authenticated products with a proven reputation. However, if you apply chemicals even the right ones too often, you are bound to weaken your hair. Remember, when applying any type of hair treatment chemicals, timing is very crucial. Any slight overstay of chemicals on your hair can lead to devastating results.

Braids and Weaves

Many people like to braid their hair or weave it. However, braids that are tightly wrapped or tightly woven hair tend to break up due to constant strain exerted on the hair follicles. This may cause permanent hair loss if it is extended for a certain period of time.

Things You Should Avoid if You Are a Man Going Bald

Things You Should Avoid if You Are a Man Going Bald

There are a variety of reasons men start to go bald. Often times it is due to genetics, and baldness is hereditary. Other causes could be at play, too, such as nutritional disorders, fungal conditions, or other health issues. As men get older the chances of hair loss increase. There are many options for men who are balding, such as wigs, weaves, rogaine, and hair transplants. Aside from these possibilities there are also other things a man can avoid doing in order to prevent further baldness and protect the hair.

Most men do not need to wash their hair every day. Hair products like conditioner and shampoo can actually damage hair if used too frequently. You can still shower and even wet and soak the hair without actually washing it with any hair products. This should keep the hair healthier.

Avoid drying your hair roughly when you get out of the shower. Most men don't think about it much but serious damage can be caused to the hair from vigorous rubbing with a towel. Not only can it prevent new hair from sprouting up it can also break off hairs that are weak or fine. It is suggested to use a cloth that is very soft, and to gently pat the hair dry rather than rubbing it.

Don't over-brush or comb hair. Many people are perfectionists and like to ensure that every last hair is perfectly in place. It is suggested that you try to use a comb or brush that is gentle and doesn't put a lot of stress on the hair. What is even better is to use your hands in order to shape your hairstyle, if it is possible to do so. Rather than force your hair against its natural growth pattern, it is much better to groom and work with your hair the way it naturally grows. For some people this might even mean getting a different hairstyle or cut, but it will most likely be worth it, as it will be better for the hair and even likely improve the appearance.

If you are a man who is experiencing balding, then avoiding stress is another very important factor. Stress wreaks havoc on many functions of the body, and it can be very bad for the hair. Regardless, stress is never fun anyway. Try to find healthier, better ways to manage stress and it certainly won't hurt your hair.

Be wary about things which will naturally stress your hair, and possibly create more damage, such as ponytails, braids, bandannas, and even hats. It is tempting to wear a hat when you are going bald in order to cover up the appearance, but it isn't a good idea. Stress on the scalp and hair may lead to more hair loss, so it is best to avoid hats which directly contact the hair.

Your diet may also be contributing to hair loss, so avoid eating just anything and start putting some thought into the nutrients you are getting. Good, nutritious food, and a balanced diet can help to strengthen your hair. Vitamins and other dietary supplements may also prove to help you keep more of your hair and make it stronger and able to grow faster.