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Improving Hair Health Through Diet

Improving Hair Health through Diet

Shiny hair and glowing skin are signs of good health.

The glamorous advertisements on hair products offer promises of a magical makeover. Therefore when our hair feels dry and dull, we tend to opt for a new shampoo or a conditioner. To our surprise the actual culprit could be malnutrition. Most of the trichologists agree that along with factors like age, genetics, toxicity and hormones, poor diet can also contribute to hair problems.

Listed below are 10 foods items that we can consciously include in our diet for healthy hair

  • Eggs – Is rich in vitamin B and is a commonly suggested ingredient for healthy hair. The protein content in eggs enhance hair growth when consumed, and acts as a conditioner when used to wash hair. Other source of food rich in protein are chicken, turkey and fish.
  • Leafy Vegetables – Is rich in Iron which is an essential mineral necessary to stimulate hair growth and retain shine. It also hydrates the body and regulates blood circulation which in turn supplies nutrients to hair follicles without interruptions.
  • Nuts – Is rich in Biotin (B-vitamin) and Omega-3 fatty acids. These elements are important for healthy scalp and prevent hair breakage. Almonds, walnuts and cashew are few examples of nuts that promote healthy hair.
  • Orange vegetables – Is rich in Vitamin A, which is a key nutrient that help produce sebum (an oily fluid produced by stimulating glands in our scalp). It acts as a natural conditioner that helps to fight against itchy scalp and hair dullness. Carrots, pumpkins, sweet potatoes are few examples of vegetables that help produce sebum.
  • Avocado – Is rich in copper and vitamin E. It helps balance our hormones in order to protect our hair against pollution, UV rays and products used for hair styling.
  • Salmon – Another food source rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. These are as essential fats which cannot be produced by our body and can be obtained by intake of food rich in good fat.
  • Dairy Products – Is rich in protein and calcium. It helps enrich the blood flow to the scalp and reduce hair fall. Among dairy products, yogurt is particularly recommended as it has high content of vitamin-B5 (pantothenic acid), which is directly associated with healthy hair.
  • Citrus Fruits – Is rich in vitamin C. It helps in blood circulation and acts as an antioxidant. It prevents hair breakage and rejuvenates dull hair. Examples of few citrus fruits good for hair are oranges, lemon, lime and grape. Other food source rich in vitamin C are blueberries, kiwi, guava and broccoli.
  • Whole Grains – is rich in iron content. Iron is essential to supply oxygen to our hair follicles which boosts hair growth. One can visibly observe an improvement in their hair thickness.
  • Oysters – Is rich in zinc content which helps fight against flaky scalp and hair loss. Along with oyster, intake of other sea food like crab and lobster can also help increase the level of zinc content in our body.

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