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Why are some men bald at an early age?

Why are some men bald at an early age

You might wonder as to why some men and teens are bald at very younger ages and why some are not. There may be thousands of reasons behind this and some of the reasons or causes why some men start balding at an early age of their lives unlike the others can be over thinking, mental stress, aging, hormone reactions, emotional and physical shocks. Here are some causes of baldness in young men and some solution that are available for you to try to stop or prevent baldness.

The main reason and the most common cause for balding is the hair loss cause as a result of the change in the hormones of men. Dihydrotestosterone which is also an androgen is a product of the male hormone testosterone and is the root cause of permanent hair loss in 95% of the cases. The percentage of DHT in men is relatively higher than women and that is the reason why men suffer hair loss more than that of women. DHT blocks the hair cells from receiving the necessary nutrients and proteins thus thinning and damaging the healthiness of the hair which results in permanent and patterned hair loss.

Another reason for balding at young age would be the condition known as Alopecia Areata. Here the hair loss happens in patches and can be due to the overreaction of immune system attacking its own cells. These conditions may pass hereditary and can cause due to higher stress levels and viral infections too. Stress is a part of your life but excessive stress can damage your health causing many health related problems. According to hair experts, excessive stress is a potential trigger to hair loss and thus stress management is vital.

Poor nutrition can also lead to hair loss. Having a balanced diet including essential vitamins and proteins is important for the maintenance of a healthy skin and a hair. Having a balanced diet ensures a proper supply of proteins, minerals and vitamins for hair follicles and cells. A healthy diet also helps to the development and production of Dihydrotestosterone which is also known as DHT that plays a major role in patterned baldness in men.

Smoking can also lead to baldness. Oxygen rich blood cells in the scalp is essential for a good hair. Smoking can reduce the oxygen levels in the blood to a greater extent and can increase the carbon monoxide levels that can damage the hair follicles. Thus extensive addiction to smoking can be also a reason for balding at a very young age.

Cosmetic procedures and also result in balding. Shampooing too often, hair dyeing, hair bleaching can also contribute to hair thinning and hair fall. It is recommended to go for the best brands if you are using these cosmetics and excessive use of hair gel and hair cream might also trigger hair loss and baldness at young ages. Therefore keep an open eye when using these cosmetic that can also damage your hair and give rise to many health related problems.

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