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Liposuction for Loose Neck Skin

Liposuction for Loose Neck Skin

Neck liposuction is one common method used to treat loose neck skin and create a younger look. Unfortunately, signs of aging often appear on the neck first, often before other areas. Even individuals who happen to be toned and fit throughout their bodies may experience neck wrinkling and sagging. This is even true of men who may start seeing jowls. Neck fat is sometimes not even the result of weight, and it may be hereditary. Even if a person is generally thin they may still have a double chin.

One possible solution to these problems is neck liposuction. There are a lot of fairly advanced and streamlined procedures which have been developed recently regarding liposuction—one such procedure is laser liposuction. These procedures often leave the skin without scars. The fat seems to just melt away and the overlying skin is tightened. Local anesthesia is generally used and the whole procedure may only take half an hour to complete.

There are often only one or two incisions involved in the procedure. These incisions are made via a small liposuction cannula. The incisions are often cut in somewhat concealing locations, such as behind the ears or under the chin.

After liposuction there is a small recovery period. One who has undergone this procedure will be required to wear a compression bandage. This bandage will be placed around the neck, and its purpose is to reduce swelling and keep the incision shut. Although one must wear the bandage continually for the first several days, after this it is possible to take it off for periods of time. At first there may be some degree of bruising and swelling around the neck, but the bandage helps the healing process to move along faster. A week is the minimum time in which one may be mostly done with recovery.

Liposuction is a good choice for many people, and age and gender don't play too much of a role. If a person's neck has started losing its sculpted, sleek look, then neck liposuction may work. It is also a slightly less severe procedure, as compared to the full face lift. A face lift is more invasive and tends to involve a more difficult recovery process. If a person has lose skin or localized fat deposits a neck lift could work for them.

Neck liposuction is also better for excess fat rather than sagging skin. It does benefit sagging skin, but its main advantage comes for those who suffer from a double chin. Younger patients could possibly get more from this procedure than others who are dealing more significantly with sagging skin.

Neck liposuction can help to eliminate or improve fullness under the chin, such as in the case of a double chin. It refines and sharpens the jawline, and the procedure can be used along with rhinoplasty or chin augmentation. Those who have fairly good skin tone usually have the best experience and results. If the person in question is capable of maintaining about the same weight, the results tend to be permanent.

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