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Tips for a Younger Looking Neck

Tips for a Younger Looking Neck

Most beauty and anti-aging products tend to target the face and neglect the neck. It is easy to forget about this important area of the body, because many people get so distracted by the wrinkles on the face. Regardless of how youthful the face may look, however, if the neck showcases wrinkles and the infamous “turkey-neck,” age will still be betrayed. In fact, the skin on the neck is extremely thin, so often it is even more susceptible to damage than the face. Once you realize your skin needs some tender love and care, however, there are some things you can do to make your neck look younger.

One solution that could help the skin throughout the body are collagen supplements. These supplements should contain hyaluronic acid, and they work by helping the skin to stay more hydrated. Collagen supplements can even help fade the appearance of wrinkles on the face, and they should also be able to improve the health and vitality of the neck skin as well. The more collagen a person has in their skin, the more taut that skin will look as time passes. Obviously, this could mean quite a lot for the dreaded turkey neck. Collagen can also be applied to the neck directly with moisturizers and creams which contain it. Consuming more vitamin C is will also help to boost your collagen production.

Aside from age, the sun itself is responsible for the signs of aging because it causes most of the visible damages our skin experiences. Wrinkles and age spots are likely both affected by the sun, at least partially. When out in the sun many people easily forget to apply sunscreen to the neck, although you may remember places like the face and shoulders. Hats also protect the face but do not help the neck as much. This is an easy fix, all you have to do is add a fairly generous amount of sunscreen to your neck whenever you are going out into the sunlight.

Exercise is another method which can reduce and even reverse the signs of aging. If you stick to a healthy fitness regime it can cut years off your appearance. Aside from this, it also creates skin that is more elastic and thicker, and therefor much more youthful.

You can also learn to dress in ways which will draw attention away from the appearance of your neck. Wearing distracting patterns, ruffles, and long/layered necklaces are all good ways to attract focus to below the neck. Although you can try wearing chokers and necklaces, there is more appeal in drawing attention to your assets without obviously hiding your neck.

If you want to get rid of the problem right now there are quick fixes that are very effective, but they are somewhat expensive. If you haveloose skin or excess fat on the neck you can get neck liposuction. This is a medical procedure that should greatly enhance the youthfulness of the neck. If you have rolls or neck banding, botox injections are another option and they last about 4 months.

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