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Naturally Reduce Neck Skin

Naturally Reduce Neck Skin

As we get older our skin loses the elasticity of its youthful days. Daily exposure to the sun contributes to the damages as it breaks down the collagen structure and cause skin to appear loose and become saggy. One of the parts of the body people find frustrating when it comes to loose and saggy skin is the neck skin. Many people seek home treatments to naturally reduce and tighten loose neck skin and regain the youthful appearance they once enjoyed. Here are some of the remedies to help firm up your loose neck skin naturally:

Apply moisturizer regularly: Daily application of moisturizer is one of the methods to tackle loose or saggy neck skin. The use of a proper skin moisturizer helps to boost the amount of collagen and elastin production needed for the skin to stay hydrated. Seek the advice of a skin care professional to help you identify the product best for your skin type and help you get a better result that will greatly improve your neck skin appearance.

Drink plenty of water: It is important to know that keeping our body hydrated go a long way to improve our skin. One of the methods to keep the skin hydrated and nourished is to drink enough water daily. Regular intake of water is one of the best natural tips which help to maintain elasticity of the skin and tighten up your neck skin. Take at least 8 cups of water daily for better result.

Avoid sudden change in weight: Abrupt change in weight (gain or loss) can affect your neck skin. During weight gain, your skin is stretched which will leave you with a loose skin if you suddenly lose such weight. Your skin needs enough time to adjust during weight loss. It is advisable to lose weight gradually.

Exercise to help you reduce your loosed neck skin: Just like exercising the body part below the neck, exercising your face and neck muscles help to make it stay firm. By regularly exercising your neck muscles, it will help to improve and tackle your loose and saggy neck skin, making it firm and fit again.

Try chewing gum exercise: Get a low sugar gum chew for 30 second by opening and closing your jaw repeatedly. Take a break of 10 seconds and start again. Do this exercise for like an hour a day and 3 times a week to get rid of double chin. Another health tips about facial exercise is to smile as wide as you can while closing your lips and use your finger to press against your cheeks. Another exercise that will help you tighten your loose neck skin is to tilt your head backward and pretend you are looking at the ceiling, move your chin up and down and swallow hard repeatedly, continue this process for like 40 to 50 seconds and 20 times daily.

Home remedies to reduce loose neck skin

The use of egg white: Egg white contain a natural nourishing ingredient which helps to firm up loose skin. The procedure is to break two egg white and whip it to a foamy texture then apply the mixture to the area around the neck, leave it for 20 to 30 minutes then rinse with water. Repeat this process two times a week.

The use of lemon: Lemon contains vitamin C which helps in the production of collagen which in turn helps to rejuvenate elasticity of the skin. Extract fresh lemon juice and rub it on the neck area. Leave it for about 10 minutes then rinse properly with water. Repeat this process 2 to 4 times daily and apply moisturizer after the process.

Another method is the use of honey. Add two teaspoons of honey to a fresh extracted lemon juice. Mix properly and then apply it to the neck area. Rinse with warm water after 20 minutes. Repeat this process twice daily for better results.

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