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Will I Look Orange After a Spray Tan?

Will I Look Orange After a Spray Tan?

One of the famous questions you get from anyone considering getting a spray tan is, “Will I look orange after a spray tan?” of course, that is not what tanning do to you but is what can happen if you don’t do your research right. We can’t blame or judge them for asking the questing, they have probably heard or seen spray tanning and it’s always the best move to know and understand what can go wrong and its possible causes before getting a spray tan.

Spray tanning has been around a long time and the purpose is to give your skin that beautiful bronze glow like you just get kissed from the sun. most people want to get a spray tan that gives their skin that glowing look_ like they just came from a relaxing vacation, they don’t want it to be too obvious or funky to drive the wrong attention or get people asking “what happen?”. To avoid looking funky or orange after a spray tan, you need to know what can cause it.

There are basically two factors that can cause your skin to look orange after spray tan;

There are two major factors that can make your skin look orange: how sensitive your skin is to tanning and poorly treated DHA.

The DHA in the tanning solution

Spray tanning is a form of sunless tanning where a fine mist (sunless solution) is sprayed onto your body. One of the major ingredients in this mist is Dihydroxyacetone, also known as DHA. DHA is the substances that interact with your skin to cause that beautiful bronze tone you get from tanning. It is the level of DHA in the tanning solution that determines how much tan your skin get from spray tanning.

The level of DHA in the tanning solution need to be perfectly balanced with other ingredients_ to give your skin that perfect tone and not too saturated to turn your skin orange. If the level of DHA in the mist is too much, your skin may become super-saturated and turn orange, on the other end, if the DHA is not enough; your skin will not tan. The safe side is to go for the best tanning salon with lots of experience and don’t be afraid to ask questions about what the will spray on your body. Remember, you are the one paying and it’s your body, so you have every right to ask questions.

The sensitivity of your skin to tanning

This is also related to the amount of DHA in the tanning sunless solution. The sunless solution used for someone with fairer skin will be different from the one used on much more toned skin. Wrong solution on fairer skin can turn it orange.

The DHA reacts with skin in much the same way as the sun, if fair skin that easily gets skin burns in sunlight will require a sunless solution formula less DHA.

There are set of guidelines used by tanning salons to determine their client skin type and the sunless solution that will be best for their skin, this is called the Fitzpatrick Scale. This scale can be used to know determine what type, and how much tanning solution to use on a particular skin type. Also keep in mind that the easier you get sunburns, the easier you tan and the easier you can turn orange if the wrong solution is used on you.

It is safer not to use automatic tanning machine the first time you’re getting a spray tan, as machine cannot tell if you are getting orange or blotchy. And follow all the tanning precaution to get the best result, such as

  • Shave or wax before going for tanning.
  • Try to exfoliate a day before tanning.
  • Don’t apply makeup, deodorant or moisturizer before you spray tan.
  • Follow other instructions given by your Estheticians.

Do Spray Tans Last Long?

Do Spray Tans Last Long?

Women who want bronzed skin or just a hint of warm golden glow often turned to spray tends these days rather than unhealthy hours in the sun or tanning booths. One of the first questions you might ask when considering a spray tan is how long it will last. While the answer may be different depending on the type of tanning solution, how much is applied, and the particular method of application, most spray tans last about 5 to 7 days.

Spray tans do not last very long. They may be perfect for a special event such as your wedding or a hot date, but you do need to go back to the salon for reapplication after about a week. In order to save money and reduce some of your exposure to the tanning chemicals, there are several steps to take to make the spray tans last longer.

How to Make Spray Tans Last Longer

When you ask, "do spray tans last long?" And the answer is only about a week, you may ask yourself whether it is even worth it to get one. However, if your skin burns instead of tans outside or if it is the dead of winter and too cold to lay out, a spray tan is your best bet.

The secret to getting a spray tan last is to prepare in advance. Begin with a thorough exfoliation of all the skin that you intend to have sprayed with the tanner. Dry skin will soak in the solution more than fresh skin. However, the human body sloughs off dry skin very quickly and regularly every day. This would result in darker patches to begin with that quickly disappear and leave no tanning behind.

Shave well or wax at least 24 hours before the spray tanning is to take place. If you do it too soon, the tanner can actually soak into the hair follicles more easily and create spots.

Nothing should get in the way of the spray tan application. This includes the residue from moisturizing soaps or body washes, moisturizer or lotion, sunscreen, deodorant or antiperspirant, and even cosmetics. Arrive at the spray tan appointment perfectly clean and ready to go.

Aftercare for a Spray Tan is Equally Important

Because each salon could use a different solution applied a different way, it is necessary for you to ask at your appointment what aftercare you should do. Perhaps showering soon is ideal or you may have to wait a day before bathing. Will moisturizer protect the tan or will it cause the color to shift and become an even? Exfoliation treatments are never a good idea if you want your spray tan to last longer.

Although they can help you feel more beautiful and confident, spray tans do not last very long. These short procedures should be done about once a week if you want to maintain the same summary bronze or golden color. Even though there is little to do the week after, proper preparation can help the spray tan look its best as long as possible.