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Top Weight Training Exercises for Men

Top Weight Training Exercises for Men

There are a lot of great benefits that go along with weight training, including better bone density, increased muscle tone and strength, and of course burning fat. Weight training is most effective if it is used alongside aerobic exercises. Weight training exercises allow you to work out basically every muscle you have. This is especially true if you use a variety of equipment and exercises in order to work out different muscles. It may be beneficial to work with some sort of fitness trainer or specialist in order to get an understanding of the proper form you should use. This can make your workouts more effective and reduce the chance of injury.

It is recommended that, before the workout, you engage in a 10-minute warm-up. This could involve brisk walking or stretching. You want to have a resistance or weight that will make your muscles fatigue after you have finished 12-15 reps. If you can find the right weight then one simple set of 12 repetitions could be enough to effectively build up muscle. It is suggested to rest a day between working out every individual muscle group.

When you think of weight training barbell exercises are considered a hallmark. Barbells can be found in home gyms and commercial gyms. They are great to use because they let you target multiple muscles and allow them to grow together. There are multiple exercises you can do with a dumbbell but one top exercise is bent-over row with a dumbbell. You will use a weight bench to support half your body with one knee and one hand. With the opposite hand holding the weight, you will bend at the elbow until it is lined up just under the shoulder. Then repeat.

The squat is a popular body resistance exercise. It works out multiple different muscles in the legs, including the hamstrings and quadriceps. In order to correctly perform a squat you stand with your feet just a little beyond shoulder-width. With your toes parallel and ahead, you gradually lower yourself by bending the ankles, knees, and hips. Keep your knees pointed forward and back in a neutral stance. Once your knees are at a 90-degree angle you stop and repeat the squat.

Pushups are great weight training workout because it involves muscles in the shoulder, chest, and triceps. Pushups are another form of weight training which uses the body weight for the purpose of resistance. In order to do a pushup correctly you must get down on the floor face-down, supported by your hands and feet. The hands should be positioned just beyond shoulder-width and the feet should be a comfortable distance apart. After you are in position you will slowly lower yourself to the ground by bending the elbows. Once your chin reaches the ground you can raise and repeat.

If you have access to a weight machine you can do leg press exercises. This is another weight training exercise which works out a variety of leg muscles. Adjust the machine so that your knees are bent around 90 degrees, put your feet on the platform, hold the handles, and gradually straighten your legs.