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Top ways to Reduce your Eye Bags Right Now

Top ways to Reduce your Eye Bags Right Now

Eye bags are a problem which many people deal with especially as they age. The primary cause for eye bags is simply aging, because as the body ages the ligaments which are under the eyes start to become weaker. This causes the tissue to fall forward, basically creating bags. Heredity may contribute to the existence or degree of eye bags. Baggy or “puffy” eyes may also form due to sleeping, because excess fluid tends for form beneath the eyes. This is due to the fact that the circulatory system tends to move more slowly when the body is unconscious. It is normal to get puffiness under the eyes after sleeping but if it doesn't go away and persists all day it may mean you need more sleep. Other potential causes are habits which lead to water retention and allergies. Regardless of the causes, there are certain things a person can do in order to get rid of eye bags right now.

There are long term things you may try, such as treating your allergies, sleeping on your back or sleeping more, be gentle with your face and don't keep makeup on overnight, and stop smoking or drinking heavily. Drinking plenty of water will help, too. There are also surgical solutions, but if you want a quick fix for right now here are a few suggestions.

One of the most famous cures is cucumbers placed over the eyes. There is some good reason that this is such a popular method for reducing eye bags, but it is really just the fact that cucumbers are cool and the right size and shape. Cucumbers are certainly a plausible method, but in order for them to be effective they should be refrigerated before applied over the eyes.  The cool temperature will sooth the area and decrease puffiness.

Teabags are another possibility. They are effective because they contain tannin, which can reduce bags under the eyes. In order to use teabags all you have to do is bob two teabags into hot water then remove them and let them cool down. After this you just get comfortable and place the teabags over your eyes. If you want the same cooling effect you would get with the cucumber, you can put them in the fridge or freezer briefly before putting them over the eyes. This way you can enjoy the benefits of both tannin and the soothing effects from the cool temperature.

If nothing else is working for you, you can also just apply some makeup under your eyes and generally that should disguise the problem. This is the fastest and the most effective way to get rid of eye bags. of course you will need a concealer that matches the color of your skin, but if your eye bags are a little darker it is okay to get  shade of concealer that matches the color under your eyes. Lightly dab the concealer under your eyes with a cotton ball or finger, then apply powder and a brush. This will help the makeup to stay in place for longer. It is suggested to use powder that doesn't have any shimmer.

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