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Gout Complications


Gout Complications

Gout is a form of arthritis, a painful one. It is caused by the accumulation of uric acid crystals around a joint, which was formed due to the high level of uric acid in the blood. Our body breaks down a chemical called purine to form Uric acid and eliminate the excess from the body through urine, which is normal, but gout may occur if, for some reason, the level of uric acid in the blood increases significantly.

The excess formation of gout in the blood has been linked to the high buildup of purine in the body. When our body produces purine naturally, purine is also found in some food, eating this type of food can increase the purine in the body which will cause a high formation of Uric acid that then leads to Gout.

Decreasing uric acid level in the blood by eating certain diet and avoiding many other has been known to be the most effective way to manage gout, proper medication is also needed to manage gout pain _ which can be recurring and very painful.

Gout attack can be very painful and may also cause some severe complication if left untreated. Complications such as:


Gout may lead to the development of tophi if left untreated of a long time. Gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid forming small crystals around the joints; these crystals may also build up under the skin often around the joint and form nodules known as tophi. Tophi are small lumps that build up under the skin, usually white or yellowish.

Tophi are usually painless, but hey often form in awkward places such as your fingers or around your toes, knees, and elbows which tend to make everyday tasks difficult. Basically, Tophi can appear anywhere in the body even on the vocal chords and spine. Tophi is an obvious sign that you have severe gout which needs to be treated to avoid it from getting any bigger or developing in another place. Long term treatment often gradually shrinks them but some tophi may be surgically removed.

Joint damage

If Gout is left untreated, attacks may become more frequent and prolonged, and may cause irreversible and permanent joint damage. Gout can cause joint deformation and become disabled. Gout can render the affected joint completely immobile by gradually knocking it out of alignment. Surgery may be required to repair the damaged joint.

Kidney stones

Kidney stone is another complication that may result from the development of gout. Although Kidney stone can be caused by a lot of factors, such include high level of uric acid which may be deposit in the kidney. Since gout formation is also caused by high level of uric acid places gout patients at the high risk of developing kidney stones. About 10% to 40% of gout patients also develop kidney stone. This type of complication decreases kidney function and may cause other complications such as pain when you passing urine.

Psychological and emotional effects

Another gout complication is how it affects the patients’ life and living. Gout can affect the mood, work and daily activities of affected person. The severe and recurring pain of gout attack can make performing everyday tasks and getting around difficult, which may lead to feelings of depression or anxiety.

It is best to start gout treatment immediately on detection to avoid any gout complication. Gout can be control by changing diet and some lifestyles with the prescribed and proper medication. If you notice any gout symptoms, it is best to see your doctor for proper evaluation.