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Can Poor Health Make you Age Quicker?

Can poor health make you age quicker?

Healthy living is always the best, watching what we eat, what we do and how we live our life can have a great impact on how we age. People with poor health have been known to age quicker than those that keep track of their health.

Everybody knows the benefit of good healthy. But sometimes poor health can be unavoidable for some people, due to their environment or life situation; while for some others, their poor health arises from years of harmful habit and neglect. Some of the many causes of poor health include:


For the people living in poverty, poor health can be unavoidable because poverty tends to force people into subjecting their body to harsh conditions such as Poor diet, poor living condition, poor shelter, longer working hour that also cause stress and other health issues, inadequate sanitation and lack of proper education on how to live healthy. This is some of the reason why people in the third world countries tend to age a bit much faster.

Poor Lifestyle

Sometimes, we do our body more harms than good_ in most situation, it is because we have no idea about the effect of some of the things we do to our body; while in some other situation, we knew but just don’t care. Some of the common unhealthy lifestyles that make people age quicker than normal include.


It is certainly no secret that smoking hurt your body and is very bad for your health. Smoking has been linked to many health conditions such as heart disease, bladder cancer, high blood pressure, infertility and of course, lung cancer, but effect of smoking on the body doesn’t stop there, smoking can also damage that skin like deprives your skin cells of oxygen, causing low collagen production in the skin which can lead to pale, uneven skin coloring and early development of wrinkles and in turn making you look older than your age.

Not getting enough sleep

Our body needs its sleeping time, the sleeping time is what our body use to regenerate and repair most of the damages we have done to it during the day. Apart from making your stressed and cranky, not getting enough sleep can also cause health issue like sleep apnea. The secret to good health and looking young is giving your body enough rest, some called it beauty sleep, which actually works.

Not Exercising

Not exercising is one of the factors that cause aging more rapidly. Moderate exercise is not only healthy for your heart, lungs, and weight, but it also provides a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Our body need regular physical activity to function well and can prevent developing many health conditions such as heart disease. Just 30 minutes of walking three times a week can go a long way.

Drinking Alcohol

Though you might love the feelings you get from alcohol, but your body really don’t. An alcoholic substance can put your body at a risk of developing a lot of health issue, to talk less of its effect on your skin. Alcohol is a natural diuretic; the more you drink, the more dehydrated you become which can cause your skin to lose its natural moisture more quickly than normal. Losing your skin moisture may cause early rosacea outbreaks, acne, wrinkles and other aging effects on the skin.


Good health is a priceless asset that we suppose to protect; while some people don’t have much choice, some other often takes it for granted. Just like poor living can lead to poor health, poor health can also make you age quicker.

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