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Can cutting out soda help you lose weight?

Can-cutting-out-soda-help-you lose weight

If you are one of those people that take soda regularly and you are looking for a way to lose weight, cutting out soda is one step you can take to help you lose weight in time.

Just like drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, consuming too much soda also causes havoc to some of your body systems. Researchers have found some ill effects of taking soda and more investigation is still going on to know how much risk taking soda exposed human body to. Giving up soda intake or reducing the amount of soda you consume daily or weekly will go a long way to help you.

How soda makes you fat

Most sodas have high calories content, therefore it doesn’t constitute any nutritional value to your body. Sodas have been linked to depleting our body of the nutrient needed for a healthy weight loss―nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and vitamin A. the purpose of dieting to lose weight is that the number of calories you consume on a daily basis must be lesser that the one you burn. This will allow your body to make use of already stored fat in your body and use them as a source of energy, this will help to reduce the levels of body fat in your body.

A non-diet soda contains as much as 135 calories. Depending on individual body or age investigation shows that taking up to two cans of soda per day adds about 30 pounds of fat to your body within the period of 10 months. Imagine cutting down completely from soda and also cut back on other sugar intake, add in some exercise and take a lot of fruit and vegetables plus water, do this in six months and you will be surprised how much weight you are going to lose. You may find cutting out soda completely difficult but reducing your soda intake to one per day or 3 to 4 cans per week can still help you lose few pounds which can get you to lose over 15 pounds a year.
Although diet soda is advertised to contain fewer calories than that of non-diet soda, further research as suggested that this fact does not make it better than non-diet soda and it does not constitute weight loss but even make it more difficult to lose weight because it contains an artificial sweetener that makes you crave for extra food.

Get an alternative

When you are trying to lose weight, it is very much advisable to take more water as an alternative to taking soda. Water has a lot of health benefit, it is free from calories, and it will help you a lot to lose weight. However, if you are still craving for a flavor taste you can still add in some natural sweetener such as oranges, lemon, strawberry and other fruits into the water. This is a better choice for you than those chemical substances presents in soda.

Cutting down on your soda intake also offers other health benefits. It will reduce your risk of suffering from some health conditions like diabetes, heart attacks, gout, tooth decay, liver damage and high blood pressure. Basically, cutting down your soda intake is probably not the worse idea, plus it will help you a lot on your weight loss journey.

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