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10 Things To Feel Better In The Morning

10 Things To Feel Better In The Morning

Do you know that the feelings you woke up with in the morning have a great effect on your entire day? Do you know that a good morning is directly proportional to a nice day? If you don’t know before, now you do. Here are some things you can do to feel better in the morning.

Get rid of all problems before going to bed

To feel better in the morning, you have to start from the night before; going to bed with no worries will let you wake up with good mood. Make sure you solve all your problems before you go to bed, or clear your head and try to forget them if you are unable to solve them; meditation will help you in achieving this. Going to sleep with a problem will only make you dream of trying to solve the problem; this may be a good process of solving problems but it is not a good way of getting a peaceful sleep. You may sleep for a complete eight hours but it will felt like you have only slept for few minutes.

Keep your sleep consistent

Set a particular time to sleep and wake up; don’t just go to bed when you feel like sleeping. It is better to plan a time to sleep and set an alarm to wake up in order to get enough rest. Don’t set your alarm tune to a noisy sound that will scare you up, try using the one with a soft sound that gets louder as time goes.

Think positively

Start your morning with something you love, consider what makes you happy and try to do it every morning in order to start your day with joy and happiness. No matter what you are about to face that morning, always think positively. And when something bad happens, be grateful that you are still alive.

Wake up to an organized room

There is nothing that says your life is a complete mess than waking up to a disorganized room. Make sure you arrange your room before going to bed and you will wake up with a sense of putting your life together. Also, make sure you make your bed immediately you woke up in order to tell yourself that “No, no matter what happens next, I am not going back to bed”.

Stay off your phone

The first thing that can destroy your entire day is waking up to a bad news; don’t even think about that phone by your side or the charming spirit of shuffling the internet. Block yourself from the outside world until you have finished your morning routine.

Try doing some exercise

There is nothing that prepares you for the challenges of a day than the good old exercise. We all woke up every morning with a lazy feeling of going back to bed, you can get rid of this by doing some exercise. The more you exercise, the more energy you will have and the healthier you become.

Don’t stress your brain

Don’t even think about planning the whole day immediately you woke up; you don’t want to start boiling that brain of yours early in the morning. Shift all your decisions till when you are done with your breakfast.

Drink a glass of water or take coffee

Research shows that drinking a cup of water when you wake up could help you lose weight, improve your skin and most importantly, feel more energetic. While some prefer a cup of water, other love coffee, the choice is yours. But if you are a coffee person, avoid drinking it every day.

Try to eat breakfast

There is nothing that will get you angry quickly than an empty stomach; you know what they say “A hungry man is an angry man”. Try to put something in your system before going out.

Fun Break

This is a must for everyone. Take about 5 to 10-minute break to do something fun. This is the best time for you to play that song that is stock in your head and dance to it, or you can just play with your pet if you have one.

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