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Home Remedies for Skin Lightening


Woman with half of her skin Lightened

"There are many reasons that could lead one to start pondering on options for skin lightening. These include prolonged exposure to the sun that can be detrimental to skin color, exposure to pollution in the environment or due to medical conditions such as skin allergies. It is an inherent need for human beings all over the world to look their best and to try to achieve their aesthetic goals. However, many skin products contain chemicals that may be detrimental to your overall goals of skin lightening. To add insult to injury, most of these skin products are prohibitively expensive, making them out of reach of the ordinary man or woman.

This explains why home remedies for skin lightening are still favored and are highly popular. Some of the most popular home remedies include:

Dried orange peels with yogurt

You will need orange peels and yogurt for this home remedy. Take orange peels and place them under the hot sun so that they can dry. After drying the peels, crush them into a fine dust like powder which will be mixed with yogurt to make a fine paste. Applying this paste on your face (after cleaning your face to get rid of any dirt and dead skin cells) and leaving it caked for about twenty minutes will yield good results, especially if this is repeated thrice in one week.

Tomato mixed with yogurt and oatmeal

Another good skin lightening home remedy is mixing one spoon of oatmeal with a corresponding spoon of tomato juice and yogurt. After getting a thick paste that is evenly mixed and is of equal consistency, apply it on your cleansed face and leave it to percolate for about thirty minutes. Wash off the paste with mildly warm water so that you can observe its effects.

Milk mixed with lemon juice and honey

Milk, lemons and honey are three ubiquitous products that you will come across often in the field of home remedies. In this case, add a tablespoon of milk to a similar tablespoon of lemon juice, with an added teaspoon of honey. This will create the perfect skin lightening paste that will have the drying powers of lemon and the moisturizing properties of honey. This paste should be allowed to work its magic for at least twenty minutes on a thoroughly cleansed face before being washed off.

Yogurt, on its own

It is also possible to use yogurt alone to achieve your skin lightening goals. Yogurt contains lactic acid that is a powerful bleaching agent. This means that it is a potent skin lightening agent. All you have to do is apply fresh yogurt on your face and leave it there for about twenty minutes so that its effects can kick in. Adding lemon and honey will work to potentiate the direct effects of the skin lightening home remedy.


In the same vein, you can also use lemon alone. Cut circular, small pieces of lemon and rub them on your face and other parts of your skin that you want to lighten. You should let the juice dry and settle on your face for about thirty minutes. This should be done daily. Due to lemon’s drying effects, it is best to have a moisturizer such as lemon to provide some balance.

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