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Why Do I have Skin Tags on my Neck?

Why Do I have Skin Tags on my Neck

Skin tags are soft skin growths which are not harmful, but may look odd and annoying. There are many reasons for skin tags, but obesity is one of the top reasons for skin tags. There are of course many ways to treat the skin tags. Couple of destructive methods are cutting it off, tying off with a thread or freezing.  There is no gender specificity. Both male and female are equally prone to developing skin tags.

The friction created by rubbing of skin against another fold of skin causes the skin tags. That explains the reason why it is prone to be at the base of the neck and areas where there are skin folds and creases.

Skin tags in the neck region are a characteristic skin issue during old age, when people have more folds on skins and creases almost everywhere. There can be any number of skin tags on the skin and it is not contagious. These skin tags look distinct and can be easily identified. As against many other skin problems, the skin tags are just not a thing to worry if the appearance do not mentally bother you. There is hardly any physical irritation in many cases.

High cholesterol level could also be a reason why one has skin tags. Skin tags are benign and therefore does not mandate a treatment unless it causes irritation or presents a cosmetic concern. Base of the neck is also the most flaunted region of the body. Skin tags during teens and early adulthood could feel odd. The skin tags around the neck region may be irritating when rubbed by clothing or jewelry which makes the removal of the same a must.

High blood pressure may also sometimes cause skin tags. Be mindful of your pressure levels from an early age. Skin tags are also hereditary. So, even your body type can create skin tags. There is no definite reason as to why skin tags occur. In many cases it is a combination of issues like high sugar levels and obesity.

Skin tags also called as acrochordons are very common in people who are pregnant. The change in hormone levels and the changes in the body cholesterol, pressure levels may be the reasons for occurrence of these small but harmless outgrowths during pregnancy near and around the nape of the neck.

The recurrence of skin tags cannot be controlled even if all existing tags are removed. Some tender small lesions may drop off after minor trauma. However, larger ones could be surgically removed. It is believed that these acrochordons respond comparatively better to a form of treatment called the electrofulguration. The healing process is also not too tedious. It takes a week or a two to get healed completely after surgical removal of skin tags.

There are also couple of home remedies to control the occurrence of skin tags which can be adopted. It is believed that the usage of tea tree oil, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar can come in handy.

Don’t be stressed with just the looks of these benign outgrowths. Treat them if they cause irritation. Don’t bother them, if they don’t bother you.

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