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What does the term ‘turkey neck’ mean?

What does the term ‘turkey neck’ mean?

The term ‘turkey neck’ refers to the loose skin around the neck that typically affects older persons. As you age, the muscles supporting your neck tend to sag which causes the skin around the area to appear droopy or loose. The skin surrounding the neck is particular prone to sagging as it different than facial skin due to its lower collagen content. Additionally this rea around the neck is typically more exposed to sunlight which may cause it to get damage for UVA/UVB. Whatever the cause, there are ways that you can reduce the appearance of sagging, depending on what your needs are you can use a combination of methods to help remediate this excess skin.

The most common way to get rid of turkey neck is to seek cosmetic surgery, however short of that there are alternatives to reducing this excess skin by improving skin elasticity. One of the simplest exercises to do is toning your neck muscles. To do this first tilt your head to the right and put pressure of your neck back with your other hand. Now tilt your head in the other direction and do the same. Be careful not to put so much pressure that it causes you pain, but just enough that it causes some resistance. Another way to strengthen your neck muscles is by placing your hands on your collar bones and applying slight pressure while tilting your head up. You do not have the stretch your neck back as far as possible but again just enough so that you can feel resistance. Repeat these actions a few times throughout the day and slowly the muscles around your neck will start to get stronger.

Another good way of reducing the excess skin around your neck is by exercising. Regular cardio and resistance training helps to boost your collagen levels and decrease the toxins present in your body. This will help your skin to stay tight and break up some of the excess fat from under your skin. If you want medical treatment to help with the excess skin you can ask your doctor for a Retin-A treatment. Although typically used for acne, Retin-A is a good solution for excess skin around the neck because it promotes collagen production which will help the skin regenerate and tighten. Another medication that is available over the counter is Renova, which helps to reduce wrinkles as well however it make take several months before you see a different in the reduction of skin. There is also another option that does not involve surgery known as titan that can help the production of collagen and tight skin. Compared to surgery it is much more inexpensive and shows results within 2-3 weeks after usage.

If you decide that surgery is the best option for you be sure to do your research. The cost of these surgeries are typically in the thousands and require at least a week for recover time. The surgery involves removing excess fat around the area and tightening the muscles. However as with any surgery it can take a toll on the body and have side effects. Excess skin around the neck is something that takes time and patience to remedy. However if you are consistent in your methods you are bound to see results. Ensure that you try a combination of these methods above before resorting to surgery as this can have a significant impact on the body.

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