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Tattoos Boost your Immune System

Tattoos Boost your Immune System

Although there are a lot of reasons a person may want to get a tattoo, one of the primary ones probably isn't to boost their immune system. Still, this is one of the proven added benefits that goes along with getting a tattoo, especially more than one. Most people seek tattoos as an outlet of self-expression or beautification. They are also increasingly popular as the years go by and a vast number of young people now have ink.

The majority of studies out there regarding tattoos have been mostly negative, focusing mainly on health risks rather than health benefits. There has been a lot of research done regarding scars and infection. This relatively recent evidence seems to indicate that there are also some health advantages to getting tattoos. This research only applies to professional tattoos done with clean equipment, of course. Everything should be completely sterilized before using.

When you get a tattoo your immune system goes into heightened alert. This means that your body is more prepared to defend itself after you get a tattoo. Tissue damage is associated with something called “stressors” which the immune system fights off. At first, when you get a tattoo it weakens your body, much the same way that working out and exercising weakens you. After you get a tattoo you will probably feel pretty fatigued and exhausted. This is natural because you've just injected foreign elements into your body.

There have been studies carried out which measured cortisol, a stress hormone, and immunoglobulin A or SlgA levels before and after tattooing which have confirmed the fact that tattoos actually are good for the immune system. SlgaA is an antibody. Those who have had more than one round of tattooing fared even better and were proven to have less cortisol and more SlgA. This is because over time the immune system adapted to the stress caused by tattooing, making it stronger. Those who have healthy immune systems naturally heal faster. As a result, many people with healthy immune systems often end up getting multiple tattoos. Some people use this to argue against the evidence suggesting that tattoos work to boost the immune system because if you recovered well after getting a tattoo you would seem more likely to get more.

When you first receive a tattoo the SlgA levels tend to drop and cortisol levels rise. If on the other hand, you have already had some tattooing done, SlgA levels only decrease slightly, suggesting that the antibody had been built up and the body's immune system was strengthening. After you have healed from a stress response, such as from getting a new tattoo, your body will return to a state of equilibrium. If on the other hand, you continue to stress the body in the same way the body adjusts to be stronger and more resilient. This also applies to the immune system.

Obviously, you shouldn't just get a bunch of tattoos to strengthen your immune system. If you already want tattoos, however, this data can help support your case for getting some ink done. It may even help you to convince friends and family.

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