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Facial Yoga Reverse The Signs Of Aging

Facial Yoga Reverse The Signs Of Aging

An increasing number of women and men are adopting the ancient Eastern practice of yoga to lose or maintain weight, strengthen muscles and joints, and rejuvenate their bodies. Now, facial yoga is growing more popular to help reduce or reverse the signs of aging. With some simple yet highly targeted exercises for the muscles in your face, you can improve muscle tone, smooth skin, and help eliminates the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

What is Facial Yoga?

Although some people hail facial yoga as a replacement to costly and uncomfortable plastic surgery and even procedures like Botox injections, it might not deliver the rapid change a person may like going under the knife or having a needle inserted. Instead, just like any exercise, you need to repeatedly do these motions every day in order to reap the greatest benefits.

Facial yoga is a series of motions using the muscles in the face that are designed to relax them, release tension, encourage the production of collagen, and smooth out wrinkles and creases formed by repetitive grimaces, squinting, or other expressions.

3 Great Facial Yoga Exercises to Reverse the Signs of Aging

There are three main areas of the face that both women and men believe make them look older than they really are. These are the eye area and brow, the jawline and neck, and the cheeks. In order to smooth these areas, minimize creases or wrinkles, and improve overall tone, practice these three facial yoga styles every day. It may be helpful to do these while looking in the mirror to make sure you get the position right.

  • Smooth out creases around your eyes, reduce eye bags, and firm up sagging skin with the yoga technique that smooths your brow line and gets rid of crows' feet and other unpleasant things. All you need to do for this exercise is to open your eyes as wide as possible while keeping your cheeks flat and down instead of scrunched up. Also, be careful not to raise your eyebrows or draw them together as that may wrinkle between them or across your forehead.
  • Firm up your neck by doing a yoga technique called the gulping fish. Tip your head backward gently, stretch your chin toward the ceiling, and make a gulping motion with your mouth that brings your lower lip up over your top as much is possible. This should create a gentle stretch through your neck and will firm up the flesh there. Swallowing while in this position can also strengthen the interior neck muscles.
  • To make your cheeks rounder, fuller, and more useful again, facial yoga suggests this practice. First, puff your cheeks out with air as much as you can and hope in their as long as you can. Then, rest your fingers gently on the tops of your cheeks and use them as weights as you tighten and release your cheek muscles. Be careful not to squint your eyes or wrinkle your forehead when you are doing this exercise.

Facial yoga has become increasingly popular as a way to reverse the signs of aging on the face and help you achieve a healthier, more youthful look.

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