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What is Tattoo Regret?

What is tattoo regret?

Tattoo regret simply is the regret of getting a tattoo. It can be either the mental, physical, emotional or social dissatisfaction resulting from negative consequences arising after having a tattoo. Tattoo regret can be of many reasons such as poor quality of the tattoo design, extensive hurt than expectation, poor quality of the ink and the equipment used, the cost not being a reflection of the satisfaction, variations in expectations and the actual service level etc. Tattoo regret can be avoided by following the steps as mentioned below. However, it should be also noted that tattoo regret cannot be totally removed. But it can be minimized to a certain extent.

To avoid tattoo regret the best thing is to take your time and think long and hard rationally. You need to find more and more information as much as possible. Information from your friends who already have tattoos is one of the best options available for you. Think long and hard on the designs, where you want to get it, the place from where you are going to have it, the quality of the ink etc. so that it will make you confident on the service levels. On the other hand, you must do your own research. It is very important to have a deeper understanding on the pain levels especially if you are going to ink for the very first time. The pain levels will vary based on the sensitivity of your body and will also vary from one person to another.

It is also important to have a good knowledge on how a tattoo could be removed in case something goes wrong you have a contingency plan in hand. Have a good understanding on the possible side effects and perceptions on the society after a tattoo. You might not be allowed to have a tattoo under the contract of employment, therefore considering all these factors are very important. Thing long and do not look at the short term especially the cost. A tattoo is something that is permanent and restricting yourself in the decision-making process for short-term considerations such as the cost will trigger your regret if the quality of service is also low.

A tattoo is a risk and regret might be attached to it. We never know how it will go on and will be until it really happen. The future cannot be predicted but it is always better to keep the possible consequences in mind. A tattoo can affect your employment, social status and thus you need to really know as to why you want a tattoo and the probable consequences afterward.

The experience of the tattooist is a major concern that you need to look at. Be confident that the tattooist is skilled, experienced and will ink you as promised as you expected. Select the designs prior to the day you are going to have the tattoo. Have a good meal before you have the tattoo.

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