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Exercises to Tighten the Neck Skin

Exercises to Tighten the Neck Skin

One of the first signs of aging is the neck. Both women and men fight against the double chin, the sagging jowls, and the loose neck skin that add years to their visages. Before you consider plastic surgery or wearing turtleneck sweaters for the rest of your life, explore the possibility of tightening that neck skin and regaining a more youthful silhouette with exercise.

Three Exercises That Can Make Neck Skin Tighter,

Although facial exercises are not a quick fix, they certainly can make a difference if practiced over time. Try these three exercises one or two times a day, every day, and you will see changes in your loose neck skin and the firmness around your jaws.

  • Gulp Like a Fish This neck exercise works out the muscles of your neck to give your skin a firm foundation to lie smoothly over. Begin by placing your hand gently at the base of your neck with your thumb and fingers spread. Next, gently stretch your head backward until your face is pointing at the ceiling. Do not strain your neck to do this. Just go as far as you can comfortably with some stretching through the front neck muscles. Stretch your jaw and chin out as far as you can and move your lower lip up over the top lip. You should look a bit like a fish gulping at the surface of the water.
  • Neck Muscle Weight Lifting This exercise helps tighten skin by exercising the muscles beneath it. You can get rid of all wobbly jowls and turkey neck with this simple habit. Lie down on your back on your bed with your head hanging over the side. Then, slowly and carefully, lift your head up straight until your chin is on your chest, and lower it again. Do this several times so you feel your neck muscles working. This type of weight lifting uses your own head as the weight.
  • Head and Neck Stretching and RotationSimply moving your head purposefully from side to side and up and down can help you get rid of unsightly, baggy skin in the neck region. Do these exercises while standing or sitting up straight. Move your head all the way to each side until you feel a stretch in your and then back to the center again. Then move it all the way up and all the way down.

The more you use a muscle, the stronger it will get. Things like sagging skin and bagginess are caused not only by the breakdown of skin tissue over time but also because it has no firm foundation to lay over.

Other things that can help your neck skin regain some of its youthful firmness include swallowing while stretching your neck, chewing sugarless gum to strengthen jaw muscles, and taking good care of your skin in general. Moisturizing creams, exfoliation, and products designed to rejuvenate or tighten skin may help. Your first line of defense for saggy, saggy neck skin is exercise. Make the effort and reap the rewards of a firmer, more youthful look.

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