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Can Dying Your Hair Cause Balding?

Can Dying Your Hair Cause Balding

One popular old adage claims that women’s richest ornament is their hair. However, today’s generation, both men, and women love to treat and style their hair following the latest trends; which is why you may find the market is awash with numerous hair style products. When you do what you do with your hair in terms of styling, the objective behind it is to improve your visual appeal and make your image admirable. You ought, therefore, to be very cautious when using products such as dyes, and various chemicals. Make sure you use trusted products with positive reviews from people who have used them successfully before attempting to use it your self.

As you endeavor to give your hair a funky new look, remember that we dwell in a world that’s full of toxic chemical. In an ideal environment, you could dye your hair as freely and as often as you desired without fear of harmful side effects. However, because we live in an environment surrounded by toxic elements, most beauty products can be of great risk to your health. Hair dye is one such product that’s no exception.

Why to stop hair dye

If advertising agencies were sincere in their ad campaigns, they would refer to hair dye as “hair die” instead because these products can be lethal-literally.

Asthma: Already millions of people suffer from respiratory allergies that are linked to chemicals, mold, and pollen. Some studies indicate that people who are prone to lung infections are at a higher risk of developing asthma if using hair dye products available in the market.

Most bleaching agents including hair dyes contain persulfates that constitute about 60% of the compounds therein. Using hair dye continuously may lead to persistent throat irritation, cough, wheezing, asthma and lung inflammation.

Reaction to Allergy: There are a number of chemicals contained in hair dye that can trigger a very severe allergy. Extreme reactions may at times become fatal. Allergic reactions arising from using hair dye are far too common than people perceive and that’s why they usually advise (on the label) that you carry out a “patch test” before applying it. It is simply a warning that you are about to use a product that is not one hundred percent safe. For instance, the chemical used to make hair shiny and bright even after several washings is called P-phenylenediamine (PPD). This chemical is known to cause skin rash, burning sensation and blistering of the skin.

Balding: Balding has since been associated with aging men. However, in today’s world hair loss is a common phenomenon even in young people in their teens. Balding may occur due to persistent hair styling such as dying. Overexposing your hair to hair dyes may lead to hair breaking off at its root thereby exposing it directly to the chemicals contained in the dye. Continuous use of the dye because of styling means you continue losing hair gradually. Stopping it allows the hair to grow again once the chemical reactions ceases.

When you choose to dye your hair using commercial hair products, note that it is incumbent upon you to make an informed choice. It makes sense to ask your stylist at the salon about the ingredients contained in the type of dye you desire to apply to your hair. Remember also that if your hair reacts badly to the dye, you will experience a number of symptoms such as sneezing, hives, coughing, and a little while thereafter you begin to lose hair hence balding sets in.

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