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What Dark Circles under your Eyes maybe telling you about your health

What Dark Circles under your Eyes maybe telling you about your health

Dark circles around your eyes can often make you appear many years older than you actually are. Not only does it make you appear older but it can also be telling signs of your health. In some cases dark circles around the eyes are hereditary traits however it most cases it can be remedied  by changing diet and exercise. Here are a few health signals that dark circles around your eyes may be indicating.

  • Lack of sleep – More often than not the cause of dark circles under your eye is due to lack of sleep. When your body goes into a deep sleep it gives it time to repair and revitalize the skin and other tissues that form the body. Deep sleep allows for the circulation of blood to the cells and skin that enables you to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when you wake up. Stress also has its role in cause bags under your eyes as it can cause you to become fatigued and tired. This combined with lack of sleep can take a toll on your body and have severe long term repercussions.
  • Iron deficiency – Iron is an essential part of a healthy diet, however if you notice that you are getting severe dark circles on your eyes, lack of iron may be the reason. Iron helps the flow of oxygen through the red blood cells in your body, when you lack this nutrient it causes the veins near your eyes to become more pronounced. This is sometimes noticeable with women who are pregnant or are going through their menstrual period. If you find yourself in this situation stock up on some dark leafy greens like spinach, kale or broccoli as they are known to contain high levels of iron.
  • Medication – Certain medication can cause dark circles to appear under your eyes by causing the blood vessels near your eyes to become dilated. This can be hard to determine especially in older persons as aging also causes the skin to lose elasticity which can result in dark bags around the eyes. However if you are taking medication that may be affecting the dilation of your blood then that maybe a possible reason why you are experiencing dark spots.
  • Allergies or eczema – Those who suffer from seasonal allergies may notice the appearance of dark circles around their eyes. The nasal congestion caused by allergies causes the blood vessels surrounding the eyes to dilate which drains the area around the eye and causes them to appear darker. This can be worsened by rubbing or itching the affected area around your eyes. Some persons have also reported to notice darker parts under their eyes when they suffer from eczema (which is a skin condition).

If you have noticed the appearance of dark circles around your eyes, they may be saying something about your health. Take a minute to examine your lifestyle and identify potential causes of these dark eyes. Take immediate steps to remedy the situation before it worsens and leads to long term effects. While these threats may not be life-threatening they may help prevent you from illness and diseases as you age, which can make all the difference in the world.

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