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Should Kids Use Temporary Tattoos

Should Kids Use Temporary Tattoos?

Tattoos are of different types and style. Temporary tattoos as the name suggests are tattoos drawn, painted or airbrushed on the skin etc. lasts only for a specific period of time, maybe couple of days based on the type. Tattoos of course are a top fashion statement these days. They express attitude, style and also gives a fair idea about the child’s personality through the choice of the tattoo and its colors.

Temporary tattooing is a form of body painting. There are always two sides to a coin. So is it for everything in this world. A wise choice, perception and sensible decisions based on facts go a long way in determining the pros and cons of everything.

So let's get into the types, pros, and cons about tattoos, which are temporary before we determine if it is good or bad for our kids. The only available tattoo during earlier days was the organic henna leaves made into a paste to draw the desired designs on the palms and legs which gives an orangish red shade. However, time is changing. Kids of today’s world need more attractive options.

Types of temporary tattoos and the safety aspect for kids:

There is a lot of variety for kids when they need a temporary tattoo. To name a few, the decal style tattoos, airbrush tattoos metallic tattoos and so on.

Decal style tattoos:

Though the colorants of decal style tattoos are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as safe for direct dermal contact, there are still allergies,skin irritation and redness caused for many children. Again, the result of the tattoos is highly child specific. It varies based on the skin sensitivity, hereditary issues of skin problems for each child. Hence, before you choose this colorful decal style tattoo or refuse this style for your child, think about the highlighted issues.

Airbrush tattoos:

FDA approved cosmetic inks, which are alcohol based are sprayed by the tattoo artist on airbrush tattoos using a stencil. Though these tattoos give a vibrant color option and could immediately attract kids, Airbrush temporary tattoos could be easily removed by rubbing alcohol or baby oil. The hygiene factor of these airbrush tattoos must be considered and always the tattoo artist must be inquired about the inks used. Sensitive skin types can venture out these airbrush tattoos after careful queries about the artist and inks and products used.

Metallic tattoos:

These tattoos are printed by using a foil stamping technique. This means there is no inks involved and one can disregard the thoughts about the contents that goes into the ink. Each one of the metallic tattoo is protected by a film that is transparent. This tattoo is widely used among kids because their favorite cartoon characters, animals and birds are mostly the designs which are attractive and addictive too. These are safer in terms of no ink involvement and the allergy due to the transparent film is very minimal.

Organic Henna tattoo:

Pure henna tattoos are not a preferred option because of the tedious process and lack of color options like others. However, the best and organic henna tattoos have no additives and most recommended for kids. If one can make the process as interactive and joyful as possible, the kid is definitely going to be saved from any allergies.

Know the options available, make wise decisions. Kids can be demanding at times. But it is the responsibility of the adults to help them understand the pros and cons of each tattoo. Temporary tattoos are definitely a funky stuff for children. Go about it with fun! Make wise choices. Sometimes, making a child happy is all we ever want in life.

There are also functional tattoos, which are used for identification purposes other than just the fun element.

The hygiene factor while using paint brushes and color inks must be informed by the artist before usage, which is also the responsibility of the person who gets tattooed.

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