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Can You Get Rid of Stretch Marks with a Stretch Mark Cream ?

stretch mark removal treatment

Genetics, puberty, pregnancy, ethnicity and weight gain is the most common cause of stretch marks. This is because the dermis is stretched and disrupts the collagen and elastin. Once this happens and the skin is stretched, it leaves behind stretch marks which look like scars. These scar like lines can range in size and color.

Stretch marks are commonly found on the thighs, stomach, breasts, arms, legs, and hips. This means that the stretch marks are often visible and can look unappealing. To help diminish the look of stretch marks, you will have to look for a stretch mark treatment.

Can you get rid of ugly stretch marks on your body? There are only a few treatment options that can be considered a stretch mark removal approach. These treatments are used in a spa or approved facility with devices that require a trained individual’s expertise. The most well known stretch mark removal approach is with laser.

Laser stretch mark removal means that a machine is used to produce light beams and removes the upper layer of the skin. With several treatments the skin will appear to look smoother in appearance. However, the effects of laser can be invasive for some individuals and may lead to redness, some individuals can experience a histamine reaction or laser bruises known as a purpura, if taking certain medication. Also, laser may be painful for those who do not have a high pain tolerance as it feels as if you are being slightly burned with the beams of light.

Laser can also vary in price. Laser can often cost over $500 a treatment depending on the area. This will be extremely expensive if 7-12 treatments are needed to help reduce the appearance of you stretch marks. That is why an alternative you should be used.

Today the cosmetic industry is offering products known as stretch mark creams. They are intended to reduce the look of stretch marks by fading unwanted discolorations in just a few weeks. Stretch mark creams can help skin appear smoother and this is a less invasive approach. To learn more about stretch mark fading crams, please refer to an alternative website.

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