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Stretch Mark Creams And Costs

Stretch mark tratment and cost

Stretch marks are easily defined by their name. They are literally a result of the skin stretching-but it’s from over stretching. Under certain circumstances they appear.

  • Pregnancy- Women who become pregnant can gain 30 pounds within their 9 months of carrying their baby. With hormonal factors involved and the dramatic weight gain, the unpleasant streaks can develop.
  • Obesity- As you gain excessive amounts of weight, the body needs to make room for it. Sometimes it leads to stretching the skin on areas like the arms, stomach, thighs, hips and legs. These areas are frequently exposed when wearing a tank top, dress, shorts and a swim suit. Some individuals become embarrassed when people stare at their streaks from being overweight, so they need to find a product that can diminish the appearance of the streaks.
  • Puberty- As our bodies start to mature and we turn into adults, our body’s make changes. These changes can be seen in intimate areas like the breasts, or growth spurts can make them shown on the arms, legs.
  • Certain health conditions – Individuals who have a history of health concerns can end up with stretch marks if they are taking certain medicines. Be sure if you have a past of health conditions to ask your doctor for permission to use certain products.

Stretch mark cream topicals are available on the market, if you know here to look for them. They are sold online on the manufacturer’s site. You need to find a cream that requires 1-3 times daily application.

Creams that help fade the look of stretch marks should only be used as directed to observe and maintain results.

Creams that are promoted to smooth the look of stretch marks, lines and wrinkles are some of the top products on the market. These products can reduce the look of common skin imperfections associated with the development of streaks on the skin. Be sure you find a product that is promoted for your skin type. Also, you will want to use a product for 3-4 months to see if significant improvement is visible.

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