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Braids, Weaves and Hair Loss

Braids, Weaves and Hair Loss

There are numerous reasons why people lose hair. Some of the factors include chemotherapy, radiation, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalance, some medication, stress, exposure to harmful chemicals and so on. Most of the causes mentioned are temporal while few can have long term effects. Some of the common contributors to hair loss are outlined hereunder.

Hormonal Characteristics

Different hormones function differently as in some do promote hair growth while others cause hair to deplete. Hormonal imbalance can in many ways impact the growth or loss of hair both in men and women.


Hair thinning occurs in men following a specific pattern, usually from near the forehead receding toward the crown. On the other hand, thinning in women tend to occur randomly around the head. It is caused by Dihydrotestosterone (DH. All of us have DHT produced in our bodies yet not everyone suffer hair loss.

The other reason is that there are follicles which harbor a lot of Androgen receptors to which DHT tend to attach itself to and this is the element that is passed on from one generation to the other by way of genes. Up to now, one of the most effective methods to prevent hair loss due to DHT is to apply anti-Androgen medication.


It is commonplace for women to lose hair after giving birth. This is due to the simultaneous entry of individual hair strands entering the telogen or resting phase. Most women realize this after two or three months after delivering their babies. A woman may continue to lose excessive hair six months after delivering. Hormonal fluctuation is responsible for this type of condition. However, the condition resolves completely on its own thereafter once the hormones stabilize after pregnancy.

Control pills

Some women may be genetically vulnerable to attacks from Androgenic Alopecia which is something that can occur to someone who is much younger. Such occurrence at an early age is precipitated by one using birth control pills. The effect caused by these pills goes to trigger a hormonal imbalance in the body, subsequently giving rise to Androgenic Alopecia.


Children including adults at times play around with their hair by either pulling or twisting it. There are many reasons why people do that but some can be attributed to habitual problems that people do unconsciously. If not checked, it may lead to hair loss due to stretch and stress on the hair. Such cases are best handled by a qualified health practitioner.

Hair Styling

Many people fancy different hairstyles every so often and by so doing, they apply chemicals, relaxers, bleaches, strengtheners, permanent weaves etc. Hair damage can be minimal if you use authenticated products with a proven reputation. However, if you apply chemicals even the right ones too often, you are bound to weaken your hair. Remember, when applying any type of hair treatment chemicals, timing is very crucial. Any slight overstay of chemicals on your hair can lead to devastating results.

Braids and Weaves

Many people like to braid their hair or weave it. However, braids that are tightly wrapped or tightly woven hair tend to break up due to constant strain exerted on the hair follicles. This may cause permanent hair loss if it is extended for a certain period of time.

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