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revitaPINK: Review




revitaPINK Features:

1476408445_tick_mark_darkWhiten the look of intimate areas
1476408445_tick_mark_darkFor women’s intimate areas (anus, vagina, nipples and underarms)
1476408445_tick_mark_darkFor men looking to whiten the appearance of their penis, anal area or scrotum
1476408445_tick_mark_darkBuy 2, Get 1 Free (Save $50)

Bikinis, shorts and tank tops all have one thing in common- summer attire! Although cute sundresses and swimsuits are also a common wardrobe option, they are not appealing looking when you suffer from dark intimate areas! Its even more embarrassing when your with friends and their questioning why you have a dark bikini line or underarms!This is why you need to elect a skin whitening cream to help improve the look of intimate areas that have discolored overtime and so you can avoid these personal conversations with your Friends.

revitaPINK is our #1 choice for Intimate Whitening for men and women because it is safe for all skin types. It can be applied to ALL intimate areas without using harmful skin bleaching ingredients like Hydroquinone. (Hydroquinone is an ingredient that has been banned and may not be delivered to certain foreign countries. To learn more about the negative side effects of this ingredient, refer to the information provided below our grid.)

We feel that revitaPINK gel conquers all other options on the market because it helps whiten the appearance of the anal area, nipples, bikini imperfections, vagina, penis, scrotum and underarms! By using revitaPINK daily it may help improve the tone and look of discolorations in just weeks. This gel will make a difference for your body and your self-esteem! You can apply it discretely in your own home in just a few minutes. Its small size also makes it easy to transport and can be stored in a woman's purse taking up little to no room at all!

Try this revolutionary whitening gel today and see the difference! It is only $49.95, but you should take advantage of the Buy 2, get 1 Free special for only $99 while it lasts! You get a $50 Savings with this offer!



Sizes Available:

1 oz

revitPINK FAQ's:

  • Q: How Do I Apply revitaPINK?
A: • Cleanse the area with soap and water • Exfoliate the area with a sponge or loofah (this freshens the area for  whitening by removing dead skin cells) • Rinse the area and pat dry • Apply revitaPINK in a thin layer over the desired area • Allow formula to dry before clothing or applying any other products • Repeat the process twice per day.
  • Q: When Can I Expect to See Results?
A: Individual results may vary. Some individuals may notice results in just weeks. We recommend you apply revitaPINK for a minimum of eight weeks. 
  • Q: Is revitaPINK Safe for Men and Women?
A:  YES! revitaPINK is formulated for men and women. It is even intended for all skin types. 

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