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How Impotence Affects your Mood

How Impotence Affects your Mood

Impotence also known as erectile dysfunction or ED is a medical condition in which a man is faced with consistence difficulties in other to achieve or maintain a strong erection sustainable enough to engage in sexual intercourse with his partner. There are fewer occasions when a man may experience difficulties achieving a firm erection. However, if this problem persists several times it becomes alarming. Visit your doctor for proper diagnose if you are experiencing these symptoms.

Doctors and scientists have found that impotence is a common medical condition among older men. Men between the ages of 40 years to 70 years are more likely to suffer from impotence or ED than men of younger age.

Causes of impotence

During sexual arousal, a message is sent to the brain which allows the arteries carrying blood into the penis to widen and allow more inflow of blood enough to make the penis swollen to an erection. When there is difficulty in the proper functioning of this system it will result to impotence.

A lot of factors have been found to cause impotence in men. Impotence is caused by either physical factors or psychological factors and sometimes a patient may be affected by the combination of both factors. An example of these factors includes: Anxiety, hormone level, Neurogenic, Pressure, Relationship problem Depression, Sexual abuse, Bad sexual experience or other related sexual problems so also is injuries.

How it can affect you

Impotency or ED is not only embarrassing, persistence of difficulties in achieving a firm erection is terrifying and the victim is faced with a lot of psychological problems such as fear, anxiety, and depression. It makes you feel less worthy of been called a man, it threatens your position as a husband or lover. To some men, impotence alters their ego, pride and the confidence they have in themselves. It can also lead to the lack of focus at work and intimacy problem with wife of sexual partners. Sometimes being impotent can affect a man whose self-esteem is built around his ability to function like a man.

A man with impotence will find going into a relationship difficult, he may feel scared or totally ashamed of going into a relationship. Fear of sharing such a condition with his new partner or being rejected becomes his major problem. Approaching new partner may be challenging since his self-confidence is already gone with his ability to perform as a man.

If such a man is in a relationship, he will become emotionally disturbed and intimacy with his partner will be affected. He may start feeling sad, depressed, angry, aggressive, and insecure seeing the love they once have fading away and the guilt of not been able to pleasure his partner sexually will be killing him. Communication in such relationship begins threatened as they may not know how to talk about it. Such distress in a relationship even aggravate the erectile dysfunction, it is advisable to look for support in this aspect.

Partners of men in this medical condition should understand their condition and help search for the cause as well as the solution to the problem. This will help the man to cope with the personal issues he may be experiencing due to impotency.

Working on the solution together as a couple will produce a positive solution for their sexual problem and also help their relationship.

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