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Can Vitamins Improve Joint Health?



As we get old and suffer injuries the body is not as efficient as it was in younger years at producing the necessary vitamins to help joints recover. This is the main reason why aches and pains within the joints increase with age. Although there are medications to relieve pain, they do not solve the problem, they instead hide it. They also come with a risk of variable side effects which is why replacing the vitamins that the body is lacking is the best way to improve joint health. There are numerous vitamins available that can help your body to repair itself, thus reducing or eliminating the aches and pains and even act as a preventative.

The first is Glucosamine; it is a great way to keep knee joints healthy thanks to it being one of the main components of the joints. As well as giving the body the essential components to stay healthy it can also act as a preventative to stop both bones and cartilage deteriorating. It is also able to prevent inflammation of the muscles and joints that join it.

Chondroitin Sulfate is often given with glucosamine because of its ability to rebuild cartilage and prevent joint pain. When taken together they are able to reduce pain and strengthen joints.

Omega 3 fatty acids have long been known to be helpful in reducing joint damage through wear and tear. They contain a special enzyme that stops collagenases which is known to cause joint damage.

S-adenosyl-methoinine also known as SAMe is essential for the product of body tissue. It is able to repair joints as well as reduce the amount of inflammation and ultimately pain. Thanks to its properties that relieve symptoms including stiffness of muscles, pain and even fatigue it is often used in arthritis and other similar conditions.

Along with SAMe, TMG is often used to aid the healing properties. It also is able to add strength to both bones and the absorption of nutrients through tissue.

Methylsufonylmethane is also called MSM. It is able to produce the material that is needed to produce cartilage. It is commonly found in the majority of organic matters which makes it a great treatment for both osteoarthritis and arthritis.

Calcium is a supplement that has long been used to help produce and strengthen bones and teeth. It is also able to reduce pain and inflammation in the joints making it a great supplement for knees.

Vitamin C might be known for its antioxidant properties but most people don’t know that it can also help to protect connective tissue. It is essential for producing collagen which is needed for flexibility of joints as well as blood vessels and muscles.

Silicon is also known for its ability to improve the health of bone tissue. It is only used in small amounts. Gelatine is another supplement used to help joints, especially knee joints and is used by athletes to lubricate the joints to prevent wear and tear.

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