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Best Ways to Treat Cold Sores

Best Ways to Treat a Cold

Health programs often in pursuit of gratifying health ambitions are tailored to foster preventive measures one of which is the best ways to treat a cold. However, many of us continue to be infected with contagious cold sores. Fever blisters or cold sores are usually common viral infections. The basis of effective treatment is how to minimize the spread of herpes simplex (HSV-1) through body contact.

The symptoms are characterized by irritating fluid-filled blisters usually clustered around your lips. If it is pierced, the resulting crust develops into a sore. Kissing and other forms of body contacts help in spreading the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1). Note that this virus is also closely related to one (HSV-2) that usually affect the genitalia and the surrounding area. Because cold sores are highly infectious, spreading it through oral sex is very easy. Available antiviral medications help to reduce the frequency with which the virus returns to infect again.


A cold sore develops and progresses through a number of stages namely:

  • Itching: At the initial stages, you experience a burning or tingling sensation around the affected area, usually around the lips. This would persist for a day or two before blisters begin to burst and pain to set in.
  • Blistering: cold sores, usually fluid-filled bubble-like infections begin to breakdown leaving open a painful sore spot. These blisters may at times occur around the cheeks or nose.
  • BlisteringCrusting: It is possible for the tiny fluid-filled blisters to merge and eventually burst thus, creating an open shallow sore. This will continue to ooze fluid after which it will crust over.

Symptoms would vary depending on whether it is the first or recurrent outbreak. It can take up to three weeks for blisters to heal completely. Future recurrence would typically infect the same area as before and each time it does, the pain inflicted would be less severe. Some people might experience sore throat, fever, muscle aches, headache and swollen lymph nodes especially if it is a first-time outbreak.


The best way to attack cold sores is by acting quickly toward any tingling sensation. Such irritation is an indication of virus’s movement towards the outer skin area. Applying cold ice around the area help to prevent further activity of the virus. Low temperatures limit the multiplication of herpes virus, thereby halting production of more viruses. The low temperatures oftentimes render the virus inactive and send it back to its perch point at the nerve endings.

Another remedial solution is to apply petroleum jelly around the affected area. This would help to speed up healing further to preventing secondary infection. The affected area should be kept clean and dry all the time. Exposing it to moisture will encourage growth of cancer. It is best to use alcohol to disinfect the affected area. Any brand of alcohol would do.

Obtain a clean cotton wool, sprinkle or dip alcohol in it and rub it gently around the spot. Applying garlic or olive oil is also a good remedial solution. It will sting a little but just bear with it as it is one of the best ways to treat a cold.

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