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Do Wrinkle Creams Work on the Face?

Do wrinkle creams work on the face?

Our face wrinkles because as we age, our body gradually stops producing collagen, the protein our skin needs to stay firm and fresh. Other factors we expose our body to over the time also accelerated the loss of collagen in our body like smoking and sun. Although we cannot stop aging; yes we cannot, but what we thought we can do is at least try and slow down its effect on our body. To reduce or stop wrinkle formation on the face, people turn to anti-wrinkle cream, but the question is “do wrinkle creams work on the face?”

There are lots of anti-wrinkle creams products out there promising to reduce wrinkles, firm up skin that has sagged, eliminating the spots and leave your face several decades younger. It is hard to prove their effectiveness as they are not classified as a drug; therefore they do not undergo scientific research to determine how they work or if they actually work. But we cannot dissolve the possibility that using some of these wrinkle creams might have some health benefit to the skin, considering the ingredients used in making them.

The effectiveness of this wrinkle creams depends on the active ingredient or ingredients in them and how long and often you use them. Here are some common ingredients use in wrinkle creams and believe to have improvement on the appearance of wrinkles.

Hydroxy acids

Alpha hydroxy acids in wrinkle cream act as an exfoliant, the substance remove dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin and reveal the new skin cells. Other Hydroxy acids that can be found in some wrinkle creams include polyhydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids or salicylic acid.


Retinol is a type of vitamin A compound, an antioxidant that is commonly used in wrinkle creams. Retinol tends to boost skin elasticity and improve the skin’s retinoid receptors which neutralize free radicals, soothing texture and also stimulating collagen production to boost skin cells generation.

Vitamin C

This is used in wrinkle cream as another potent antioxidant, Vitamin C help protects our skin from sun damage. To protect the Vitamin C antioxidant in wrinkle cream, you need to protect the cream from air and sunlight.


This ingredient is well known in the cosmetic industry due to its ability to boost production of collagen. There are used in products for stretch marks, wound healing and also wrinkles.

Coenzyme Q10

This ingredient is also believed to protect the skin from sun damage and reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes.


This another antioxidant commonly used in wrinkle creams, it is related to vitamin B-3 and used in cream to improve skin elasticity by reducing water loss in the skin.

There are other Antioxidants commonly used in wrinkle creams such as Tea extracts like Green tea, oolong tea and black tea and Grape seed extract_ which also promote wound healing.

It is well said that “Prevention is better than cure” because once the damage is done on the skin, it is nearly impossible to reverse it. Wrinkle creams might be able to improve the appearance of wrinkles on your face, depending on the amount of active ingredient in it and how often you use it but it cannot remove wrinkles. It is recommended to prevent wrinkles early by protecting your skin from the sun, use skin products with built-in sunscreen, Use moisturizers and Don't smoke

What Are Wrinkles On The Face?

What Are Wrinkles On The Face?

Wrinkles on the face are one of the most common signs of aging for both men and women. These creases, folds, and lines are the result of not only age but also many other factors that can contribute to their appearance. If you understand what causes wrinkles and what they really are, you can learn some lifestyle changes and habits that can help to prevent them and minimize their appearance once they occur.

What Are Wrinkles on the Face?

As a baby, your facial skin is smooth and flat. As you grow through childhood and your teenage years, your skin may be affected by blemishes or acne, but it usually does not have many ridges or lines disrupting its surface. Adulthood hits and things start to change.

Wrinkles first come about because of repeated motions and positions you put your face into. Frowns, scowls, laughter, and smiles all contribute to wrinkles. Most of the time, the 43 muscles that make up our face are at rest. Then, when we smile or scowl, they work and end up bunching up our skin in certain places. For example, crows feet at the sides of your eyes are also called laugh lines. Every time you laugh or grin the corners crinkle up and the lines form. This does not mean you should stop laughing. Wrinkles are a natural part of growing up and getting older.

Fighting the Wrinkle War

Although many people do accept their wrinkles and lines as just another part of the aging process, billions of dollars are spent every year on products and procedures designed to minimize their appearance or get rid of them altogether. The appearance of youth is very important for many people in this modern world.

Understanding how to prevent or get rid of wrinkles starts with an understanding of why they exist. You aren't going to stop laughing or frowning to prevent them. What you can do is make sure your skin is as healthy and elastic as possible so, after you frown or smile, it will spring back into shape and not form unsightly lines.

Healthy eating, proper hydration, nutritional supplementation, gentle yet effective skin care, avoiding excess sun, and never smoking are the best ways to stave off the appearance of wrinkles as long as possible. These lines and creases for because your muscles are slack, the skin not as firm because of collagen depletion, and the connective tissue not as strong as the years go by. All of these things can be helped by maintaining proper health.

Products and procedures designed to help minimize wrinkles work under the same principles. They either increase collagen production, get rid of damaged skin, or even remove it entirely such as with plastic surgery and facelifts. Whatever method you choose to deal with wrinkles and the natural aging process, always strive to focus on natural solutions and avoid becoming obsessed with preventing every line and crease. Wrinkles may signify that you are getting older, so, as you do, not having wrinkles may seem odder than letting a few show up and give your face character.

How To Prevent Aging On The Face

How To Prevent Aging On The Face

Both men and women try to maintain their youthful appearance for as long as possible. Aging on the face is associated with being less attractive, healthy, and energetic. This can translate into more difficulty in relationships for the dating world, and even being hired for a new job. If you want to prevent aging on the face, there are several things you can do without resorting to plastic surgery. Follow these steps to take care of your facial muscles and skin so you can look your best no matter what your age.

Prevent Aging On The Face

  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water. Nothing will help prevent aging more than maintaining proper nutrition throughout your life. Hydration is equally or even more important because every cell in our body is primarily made up of water. Eating food rich in protein, iron, vitamins A, B's, C, D, and E, and maintaining proper blood sugar levels will all help your skin retain its elasticity and firmness.
  • Avoid excess sun exposure and tanning. One of the major contributors to wrinkles, lines, and rough or dry skin is the sun or artificial light. Always wear a sunblock with at least SPF 15 no matter what time of year it is. If you do want to tan, consider only short sessions. Your bronze skin today can translate into unsightly wrinkles and sagging tomorrow.
  • Reduce and manage stress appropriately. Not only does increased stress lead us to eat and drink the wrong things and skipping out on exercise, it also contributes directly to the look of aging on our face and body. Not only does it deplete nutrients faster, but the scowls, frowns, and looks of worry you make can directly exacerbate the appearance of wrinkles and creases on your face.
  • Stay moisturized and use healthy, natural products. Avoid harsh chemicals or procedures like chemical peels on your face. While exfoliation and certain treatments can be helpful to remove the signs of aging, sticking with nourishing lotions and hypoallergenic cosmetics will help your skin maintain its youthful appearance more easily. Always moisturize to keep your skin fresh and plump.
  • Do not smoke. If you do smoke, quit. Multiple research studies have shown that smoking tobacco in any form contributes to wrinkles and other skin problems that make you look older than you really are. Of course, smoking is very unhealthy for your heart, lungs, and the rest of your body as well.
  • Practice facial exercises or facial yoga. There are 43 different muscles in the human face. Most of the time, these are used to make expressions such as a smile or a scowl. If you repeat an expression for long enough, lines in your skin before. Crinkles next your eyes are called laugh lines, which may sound positive, but a crease between your brows, ridges on your forehead, and lines around your mouth are anything but nice. Various stretches, movements and exaggerated expressions properly done can help prevent the signs of aging from appearing on your face.

Can I get Wrinkles as a Teen?

Can I get Wrinkles as a Teen?

Wrinkles mostly occur as a sign of aging. But in few, wrinkles start appearing right from their early ages, even as early as their teenage. Let’s see what causes this teenage wrinkling and how it can be avoided.

Teenage wrinkles:

In the teens, wrinkles mostly appear under the eyes. Premature wrinkling can be due to a lot of internal and external factors.

Cause of premature wrinkles:

  • Sun exposure:Direct exposure to sunlight can harm and damage delicate skin cells. If you skip on the sunscreen, the UV rays might damage your skin. Collagen is the enzyme that keeps the skin looking young. These enzymes break down by direct exposure to UV rays. So never leave your house without a hat and sunscreen.
  • Irregular sleep patterns:Irregular sleep patterns or insufficient sleep can cause wrinkling under the eye. Even a single night of bad sleep can leave you with evident dark circles. If you go days without proper sleep, it would do more harm to your health, your skin in particular. For a healthy skin that looks young, develop a healthy sleeping habit.
  • Facial expressions:If you make a particular facial expression often, you might get wrinkles on the areas the skin folds in that expression. Skin loses its elasticity with age. Frowning and furrowing your eyebrow can leave you with wrinkles sometimes. This can happen even in your teens.
  • Smoking:Smoking is one other factor that can lead to premature wrinkling. Smokers tend to develop wrinkles early. And in case the smoker also has a sensitive skin, it might cause wrinkling at a very early age.
  • Sleeping positions:For the tummy sleepers, the face remains pressed against the pillow. The same happens with those who sleep on their sides. If you sleep in the same position for a long time, the skin on the face creases. This can eventually lead to wrinkles.

    Ways to avoid premature wrinkling:

    • Cleanse and exfoliate your face:
      Do not allow the accumulation of disintegrated skin cells. Exfoliate to improve the blood circulation on your face. This leaves the skin feeling fresh and supple.
    • Stay hydrated:Dehydration can reflect easily on the skin. Lack of sufficient water in your body can appear in the form of skin ailments. Wrinkles also can be reduced by drinking enough water.
    • Keep your facial skin moisturized:Wrinkles easily develop on a dry skin. People with oily skin are comparatively at a lower risk to develop wrinkles. But no matter what your skin type is, remember to use a moisturizer soon after you cleanse your face. Choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin type. And never forget to use a sunscreen when you go out.
    • Avoid harsh products:Be it for cleansing or for your makeup, avoid harsh products. Do not use products that have too much chemical composition. Use as many natural alternatives as you can. Choose mild dermatologically tested products.Start caring for your skin early. During the teenage, the skin becomes sensitive. The body is already flooded with a lot of hormonal changes. Keep this in mind while you choose your skincare and makeup products.

Ways to Reduce Crows Feet Around the Eyes

Ways to reduce Crows Feet around the Eyes

Crow’s feet are nothing but clusters of fine lines and wrinkles that are formed around the corners (outer corner) of our eyes. It is a part of the aging process and generally starts appearing in the mid or late 30s. Two of our body proteins – elastin and collagen help to maintain the elasticity of our skin. However, as we start aging, the production of these two proteins reduces, leading to several signs of aging like wrinkles, brown spots, sagging breasts and of course our today’s topic of discussion – crow’s feet.

Apart from aging, there are other factors that are responsible for developing crow’s feet such as high pollution, over exposure to the sun, smoking, frowning, smiling and squinting.

Do not worry if you have crow’s feet because today we bring to you the top 5 natural remedies that will not only help reduce these ‘laugh lines’ but will also restore a youthful look on your face.

Egg whites – Egg whites help in tightening the skin, thus reducing the appearance of the crow’s feet. Take one egg white and beat it nicely. Apply it on the outer corner of your eye and along your cheekbones. After ten minutes, clean the area using cotton balls dipped in chilled water. Apply this twice in a week.

Papaya – Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C; it stimulates the production of collagen and fights the damage caused by free-radicals. Also, papain (an enzyme in papaya) helps in tightening the skin and removing the dead skin.

  • Take a piece of raw papaya and gently rub it over your skin. After 10 minutes, wash off with cold water. Follow this daily.
  • Alternatively, mix the pulp of ripe papaya with some oatmeal powder. Gently massage this mixture over the area and wash off after 10 minutes with cold water. Do this 2-3 times every week.

Milk – Milk is very helpful in reducing the appearance of the crow’s feet. It contains glycolic acid that not only enhances collagen production, but also exfoliates dead cells.

  • The easiest way is to drink milk every day for a healthy and glowing skin.
  • Take a clean piece of cloth and soak it in milk. Place it on the affected area and after 10 minutes, rinse off using cold water. Do this twice daily.

Aloe Vera – It is considered as one of the best natural ways to remove crow’s feet. It has antioxidant properties that fight off the free radicals, responsible for causing wrinkles. Also, aloe vera contains some essential minerals and vitamins that tone, moisturize and brighten the skin.

  • Drink a tablespoon of aloe Vera juice every day for 2 times to benefit from its antioxidant properties.
  • You can also take the gel out of a leaf of the aloe vera and apply it on the affected area before sleeping at night. Wash your face in the morning with cold water. Do this daily and after a few weeks, you will see your crow’s feet getting reduced by a great extent.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is an essential ingredient for tightening of the skin and regeneration of skin cells.

  • Take 2 vitamin E capsules and break them open. Apply the contents around the eyes and gently massage for 2-3 minutes. Follow this every day before hitting the bed at night.