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Steps to Combat Workout Fatigue

Steps to Combat Workout Fatigue

No matter what kind of workout you enjoy doing, whether it's running, weight lifting, or Pilates, it is quite possible that you have experienced the unpleasant effects of workout fatigue. Workout fatigue can be very challenging to deal with. Sometimes you may have an easy time working out and the process may come easy, but other times you may feel completely drained. There are a few possible reasons to look out for, such as dehydration, a sugar crash, over-training, anemia, medication, and others. Usually, workout fatigue is a result of the lack of nutrients which are able to get to muscles and metabolic waste building up in them. Thankfully workout fatigue is a fairly common issue and there are things that you can do to overcome and power through.

In order to keep your muscles from lacking the nutrients they need in the middle of your workout it is important to eat the right foods at the right times. There is no doubt that a healthy diet can be a great aid to working out, but it is also suggested to eat before you exercise. The best time to eat is 2-3 hours before you train. Giving your body this much time will give it a chance to absorb the nutrients and therefore use them during your workout. The most effective things to eat are a combination of amino acids, protein, and carbohydrates. The meal doesn't have to be complicated or elaborate. The exact amount or combination of carbs and protein you intake will depend mainly on what your workout is and how long you are going to be exercising.

The right foods can increase the blood flow to muscles which is what will keep them from being fatigued while you are in the middle of your workout. It will also increase protein synthesis or muscle growth. Not only will it give your muscles the nutrients they need to keep going strong, it can also help you to avoid metabolic waste.

Another way you can fight muscle fatigue is with citrulline malate, which is an amino acid. Studies suggest that this important amino acid can help you achieve more reps and even reduce the degree of soreness you may experience. There are other supplements which may help you to get through your workout successfully.

Believe it or not, caffeine is another suggested step in combating workout fatigue. Have a cup of coffee before you start your workout and it will give you a boost of energy that could help you to stay strong throughout your routine. It may even seem to help the muscle pain. Aside from caffeine make sure that you drink plenty of water before the workout—preferably 14-22 ounces of water. Caffeine can dehydrate you and that's definitely not what you want. It can be easy to forget to drink enough water, yet it is an absolutely essential step to combat workout fatigue. Implementing these different steps into your routine will help you to have the energy and endurance you need.