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Are Tattoo Removal Creams Sold Online ?

tattoo removal product online

There are no such things as tattoo removal creams. Creams are only promoted to fade or visibly erase the look of unwanted tattoos. Tattoo removal can only be achieved by means of laser or a skin peel treatment. During a laser treatment the appropriate measures need to be taken seriously.

  • Wear protective eye wear
  • Schedule a consultation and have a spot test performed to see how the skin reacts
  • Make sure the area is cleaned before any treatment with 70% alcohol
  • Do not pick any scabs if they occur

Laser treatments are often quick treatments. Smaller tattoos nay take 5-15 minutes to address. If you have multiple tattoos or larger tattoo it can take 20-30 minutes. However, full body tattoos may be schedules for an hour session.

Tattoo removal with laser is often aggressive compared to using a fade cream. Laser uses pulses of energy to break up pigment of your tattoo. The pulses can feel very hot, like a burning sensation, but it does not mean an actual burn has occurred. If you do happen to get a laser burn, the laser specialist will ask that you apply a cold compress like a pack of ice to the skin. If you develop any scans, do not pick at them as it can lead to scarring.

Tattoo creams that have the ability to fade the look of black and colored inks should be used by individuals who have multiple tattoos of different shades. This will help ensure that you are getting the most out of the product you have paid for.

Tattoo fading creams are sold online and some are offered at selected retail stores. Products can vary in size, cost, usage and ingredients. Be sure to review the ingredients section. Products that cost less than $50 are more cost-effective than those that are more than $50.

Do Not use any products that have harmful side effects linked to them. This can be potentially dangerous for you. To learn about tattoo fade creams on the market, read reviews on an alternative site.

Do Creams Really Fade Tattoos ?

Do Creams Really Fade Tattoos ?

Tattoo fading creams are fairly new to the market, but some products have offered successful results. Be sure to look for products that are promoted to offer visible results in just a few weeks. You don’t want to waste money on a product that has not offered any visible results after a month. You will want to begin to see some visible results in a few weeks.

Tattoo fade creams can offer some results if their ingredients are effective and have been shown to work. Remember not everyone is the same and each product can offer different results for each individual. If you do not get the entire desired results you were expecting, then you can seek treatment options like laser tattoo removal, but try to use creams to their full effectiveness since laser is painful to some individuals and expensive. You can purchase a tattoo fading cream for less than $50. Laser can cost thousands of dollars.

When browsing the internet you will find manufacturer’s websites that sell their own tattoo fading products and they provide information on the products details. Looking for a safe, affordable and effective fade cream can be a daunting task because most people are oblivious to what they need to look for. Products that have been promoted to fade the look of colored and black inks are the best options on the market because they address the look of all colored tattoos. Refer to sites like tattoo-removal-support.com to see what products are suitable for all tattoo colors.

Before purchasing a product online you should read reviews on the product to make sure it does not contain any harsh chemicals, ingredients, or to verify the product is not a scam. The best way to prevent buying a product that is a scam is to make sure it’s made in the USA and does not have to be shipped from another country. You can also tell based on reviews you have read if the product was not shipped to previous customers or if they take your money and do not issue refunds to those who did not obtain results and they state on their site “money back guarantee if results are not obtained”.

Do Tattoos Hurt ?

Prevention to reduce Pain to get a Tattoo

The answer for this question in simple is a big YES! YES! Getting a tattoo will for sure hurt you and the level of hurt depends on the place you are going to have the tattoo. The tattoo needle needs to pass the epidermis that is replenished itself and the needle needs to penetrate through the dermis layer which is the second layer out of the three to make the tattoo permanent. In other words this could only happen if the needle attached to the tattoo machine is entered to your skin layers in an approximately 1 out of 16 of an inch which can hurt you to a bearable and to a very extreme level. The most sensitive parts and the most hurtful and painful parts of your body would be the hips, stomach, lips, back of knees, nipples, armpits, inside of the elbow, top of foot or any joint areas especially the lower chest and the sides and think twice before you get a tattoo on these places especially if you are trying it for the first time. Having a proper knowledge on these before you go to the tattoo shop is very important.

The neck, the inner arms, Centre back, head, lower back and ankle are the next most painful areas or the body parts that has been identified and the least painful areas are the calves, shoulders, top and outer thighs, inner wrist and the upper outside of arm and outer forearm. Most people do not tend to have a proper insight on these levels of pain and hurt and it is very important to get an insight before you go for a tattoo. However these pains and hurts are short compared to the lifelong love of it and that’s why most people love to have tattoos despite knowing that it is going to hurt.

As mentioned above the pain and hurt will be based on the place you are going to have the tattoo. The intensity will vary accordingly and it will be as if a cat scratch, small pinpricks or even a small paper cut or a blowtorch if the sensitivity of the area you are going to have the tattoo is low or moderate. But if the sensitivity is high you might sometimes need something to bite on, and you might even cry and pass out which is also totally acceptable.

On the other hand everyone have different thresholds of pain and thus the pain levels as mentioned above may slightly vary based on personality factors and experience factors as identified with the discussions with the  professional tattooists. Some people consider having a tattoo to be as if having a hot scratch while some refer it to as very annoying and painful. It is all in the minds of the customer said a well experienced tattooist. However it is obvious that it will hurt and no one can point out and say no that is not going to hurt at all.

Can A Tattoo Fading Cream Promote Side Effects ?

Can A Tattoo Fading Cream Promote Side Effects ?

Can a tattoo fading cream promote side effects?

If a product does not contain the highest quality of ingredients it can promote harmful side effects. Certain ingredients have harmful side effects linked to them, but this does not stop some manufacturers from using them in their formula. If you have heard of a product or ingredient having adverse side effects, you should read reviews on these products and testimonials by individuals that have used this product to see what has happened to them.

TCA a form of acid has been shown in studies to burn and scar the skin potentially. It is important to administer TCA as directed because over usage of this substance can be harmful and may make side effects worse. TCA is intended to make the skin peel, which helps remove upper layers of the skin and breaks up your ink in your tattoo.

There are other ingredients in tattoo fade options that have been connected to harmful side effects, such as the substance Hydroquinone. This ingredient has been promoted to cause redness, chapping, irritation, etc. This ingredient has also been banned in some countries because of its negative effects. Review the ingredient list of each product before using products with these ingredients. Cashew Nut Oil is being studied to see if it promotes harmful side effects.

If tattoo fading creams do not offer results to your liking after you have used them for a couple of months, then you should resort to laser treatments. Laser when used after a cream reduces the number of treatments needed, which means you can save money.

Laser seems like the best tattoo removal treatment on the market to some. But once you have determined the actual cost of laser treatments and have one performed, you may think differently. Laser works best on darker tattoos like black inks and the laser pulses can feel really hot and discomforting. Some people have difficulty sitting through an entire treatment, especially if their trying to diminish the appearance of full body tattoos.