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Tips for Younger Looking Eyes

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. This is true both figuratively and literally, as scientists have recently discovered that iris patterns can reveal if a person is trusting and warm or impulsive or neurotic. Whatever your eyes do or do not reveal about you, there are plenty of reasons to take care of them including possibly making them look younger. Here are several tips for making your eyes look younger.


Sunglasses are an ideal accessory to tie up a well-thought out ensemble for a daytime rendezvous with friends. However, it may be easy to forget that your designer shades are also functional and not just for keeping the sun out of your eyes while looking your best.

Sunglasses that provide ideal protection from the sun will be at least UV 400 and the sunglasses should explicitly state this. Additionally, the larger the sunglasses the better.

Pump Iron

Not the kind you would find at the gym. The kind that you’re probably not getting enough of in your diet. This is especially true for women because they are more likely to have an iron deficiency than men. An iron deficiency can lead to dark circles around your eyes or eyebags.

Spinach and kidney beans are the best sources of iron but dark chocolate is also a good source. If you can’t find a way to eat more spinach and kidney beans, we bet you can find a way to eat more dark chocolate.


Crow’s feet, as the lines on the outsides of our eyes are sometimes referred to, are among the most recognizable signs of growing old. Despite how much we dislike seeing them, most people do very little to prevent the lines. Moisturizing is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to do this.

Reach for a nighttime retinol cream and apply before going to bed. Just be sure not to overdo it with the application so you don’t have itchy eyes in the morning. You already know that dry skin can look cracked and appear to exacerbate wrinkles.


If you’re not already drinking plenty of water, it’s never too late to start. In addition to curbing your urge to snack, staying properly hydrated is good way to slow down the effects of time. Stay hydrated in order to maintain the proper balance of fluids in your eyes.

Along related lines, avoid eating too much salt which can cause you to retain water around your eyes and other places. If you’re already eating a healthy diet, you probably won’t need to change anything to avoid puffiness.


We know how much you want to attain that perfect skin color when the sun comes out but just a few minutes in the sun without the proper protection can be really bad for your skin, particularly the skin around your eyes. Use a daytime cream with at least 45 SPF and plenty of Vitamin E. You will want to thank your younger self for this when you get older.

Ways to Reduce Crows Feet Around the Eyes

Ways to reduce Crows Feet around the Eyes

Crow’s feet are nothing but clusters of fine lines and wrinkles that are formed around the corners (outer corner) of our eyes. It is a part of the aging process and generally starts appearing in the mid or late 30s. Two of our body proteins – elastin and collagen help to maintain the elasticity of our skin. However, as we start aging, the production of these two proteins reduces, leading to several signs of aging like wrinkles, brown spots, sagging breasts and of course our today’s topic of discussion – crow’s feet.

Apart from aging, there are other factors that are responsible for developing crow’s feet such as high pollution, over exposure to the sun, smoking, frowning, smiling and squinting.

Do not worry if you have crow’s feet because today we bring to you the top 5 natural remedies that will not only help reduce these ‘laugh lines’ but will also restore a youthful look on your face.

Egg whites – Egg whites help in tightening the skin, thus reducing the appearance of the crow’s feet. Take one egg white and beat it nicely. Apply it on the outer corner of your eye and along your cheekbones. After ten minutes, clean the area using cotton balls dipped in chilled water. Apply this twice in a week.

Papaya – Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C; it stimulates the production of collagen and fights the damage caused by free-radicals. Also, papain (an enzyme in papaya) helps in tightening the skin and removing the dead skin.

  • Take a piece of raw papaya and gently rub it over your skin. After 10 minutes, wash off with cold water. Follow this daily.
  • Alternatively, mix the pulp of ripe papaya with some oatmeal powder. Gently massage this mixture over the area and wash off after 10 minutes with cold water. Do this 2-3 times every week.

Milk – Milk is very helpful in reducing the appearance of the crow’s feet. It contains glycolic acid that not only enhances collagen production, but also exfoliates dead cells.

  • The easiest way is to drink milk every day for a healthy and glowing skin.
  • Take a clean piece of cloth and soak it in milk. Place it on the affected area and after 10 minutes, rinse off using cold water. Do this twice daily.

Aloe Vera – It is considered as one of the best natural ways to remove crow’s feet. It has antioxidant properties that fight off the free radicals, responsible for causing wrinkles. Also, aloe vera contains some essential minerals and vitamins that tone, moisturize and brighten the skin.

  • Drink a tablespoon of aloe Vera juice every day for 2 times to benefit from its antioxidant properties.
  • You can also take the gel out of a leaf of the aloe vera and apply it on the affected area before sleeping at night. Wash your face in the morning with cold water. Do this daily and after a few weeks, you will see your crow’s feet getting reduced by a great extent.

Vitamin E – Vitamin E is an essential ingredient for tightening of the skin and regeneration of skin cells.

  • Take 2 vitamin E capsules and break them open. Apply the contents around the eyes and gently massage for 2-3 minutes. Follow this every day before hitting the bed at night.