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Is sugar Bad for Diabetes?

Is sugar bad for Diabetes?

Understanding diabetes:

Type I diabetes is due to the malfunctioning of the immune system. The immune system attacks the pancreatic cells that are responsible for producing insulin. Insulin is needed to break down the blood sugar and release energy. So Type I diabetes is when the insulin levels go down and thus the blood sugar levels rise.

Type II diabetes is when the body, due to some reason, isn’t able to use the insulin produced the right way. This leaves the person with high sugar levels in the blood.
Type I is more common in children and Type II in adults. However, they can occur in people of different age groups depending on several factors.

Another form of diabetes is gestational diabetes. This is a temporary increase in blood sugar levels in few pregnant women.

Is sugar really bad for diabetes?

Sugar need not be completely eliminated from your diet just because you have diabetes. A very high amount of sugar is bad for the health, whether you have diabetes or not. The key is to keep the quantity moderate. A little sugar is definitely required. Sugars in various forms are present in various food items. Cutting down on all these would mean giving up on the required quantities of macronutrients and micronutrients.

When we say “sugar is bad for diabetes” it is only the bad sugars being addressed here. The bad sugar is the added sugar in various forms. This would only mean avoiding food laden with sweeteners, preservatives and too much of artificial or synthetic ingredients.

So what are the foods you should actually avoid?

  • Packaged food that has added sugars in their ingredients
  • Cola, and soft drinks
  • Sucrose, fructose and other forms of sugar would be found in the ingredient list of those that contain added sugar. These are the ones you should avoid.
  • Store bought fruit drinks
  • Candies and sweets that have added sugars

Should you use artificial sweeteners instead of sugar?

Artificial sweeteners aren’t as safe as they are advertised. They are not very different from sugar itself. The artificial sweeteners can sometimes cause a reverse reaction in a few. They might lead to the increase in food cravings, especially the craving for sweet food.

What should you eat?

The key is to limit the intake of sugar. If you are looking for a sweetener, use fresh fruits. Include a lot of fresh vegetables in your diet. Fruits are best when consumed as a whole than as their juice. Maintain a diet that contains all essential nutrients.

What else should you do?

Besides unhealthy sugary foods, junk food with added saturated fats can also harm the health. People who are overweight are at a higher risk to get diabetes. Maintain an active lifestyle. Physical exercises and a healthy diet can prevent diabetes and curb diabetes right from the initial stages.

Diet For Diabetes Victims

Diet For Diabetes Victims

Millions of people suffer from diabetes and many control it with medication that stimulates the production of insulin or with insulin injections every day. For decades, doctors have been encouraging their diabetes patients to help manage their blood sugar levels through proper diet and nutrition. Although this makes sense for all health purposes, there is still some confusion over what the best diet for diabetes victims is.

The Standard American Diet Explained

Sometimes called the SAD diet, what an average American eats during the day is less than optimum for overall health or diabetes. In fact, many researchers consider the eating habits of Americans to be one of the leading factors in this country's huge amount of diabetes cases.

In the past 50 years, both grain and sugar consumption has skyrocketed. That consumption has gone up some, but not as drastically as the chart for simple carbohydrates show. In that time, a number of vegetables and fruit the average American eats has dropped to barely two servings each day.

The Recommended Diabetes Diet

Many doctors in the established medical community recommend some healthy tweaks to the standard American diet for diabetic victims. Instead of getting the vast majority of the daily calories from carbohydrates, it is recommended that they are limited somewhat and replace with healthier options like vegetables.

Some of the most recommended healthy foods for diabetics include whole grains, sweet potatoes, low glycemic index fruits like berries, beans, and fish with plenty of omega-3s.

There is no disagreement that replacing a snack cake with a vegetable is healthier for everyone including people who have diabetes. However, some doctors and researchers believe that the generally accepted recommendations for a diabetes-friendly diet do not go far enough.

Although the American Diabetes Association does not yet agree, more and more research studies are appearing that laud low-carb diets as a better way to manage diabetes. These types of studies use to groups of people, both with diabetes controlled with medication. One group eats a diet with higher carbohydrate levels and another eats a low-carb diet. Although many of the results are not drastic or definitive, there is a growing body of evidence that people on the low-carbohydrate nutritional plan are more frequently able to reduce or eliminate their medication. Without eating the carbohydrates that spike blood glucose, blood sugar levels are able to be maintained at a healthier level throughout the day and overnight.

The most important thing to remember if you are diagnosed with diabetes is that it must be managed carefully with the recommendations of your doctor. No matter what type of healthy eating plan you adopt, it is important to let your doctor know, to work with a nutritionist of possible, and to focus on maintaining stable blood sugar levels to protect your health.

With the Standard American Diet shifting more and more toward unhealthy choices full of simple carbs, sugars, unhealthy fats, and salt, the instances of diabetes in this country are on the rise. In conjunction with proper medication and insulin, the right diet for diabetes victims is necessary.